My Studio Style: Carrie Rezabek Dorr

Proof that barre gurus don't just live in grippy socks? Here the founder and chief concept officer of Pure Barre shares her workout-friendly wardrobe faves.
Carrie Rezabek Dorr (Photo: Pure Barre)

Colorado-based Carrie Rezabek Dorr is the founder and chief concept officer of Pure Barre, a workout method dedicated to pulsing, tucking, and toning, with more than 140 locations across North America.

“I do Pure Barre to keep limber and strong and change my body—I just had twins! And I do a lot of outdoor stuff like hiking and skiing,” says Dorr, which informs what she calls her “daily uniform.”

Proof that barre gurus don’t just live in grippy socks, here are some of the founder’s wardrobe picks for dashing back and forth from desk work (and diaper changes) to workouts.

Patagonia_down_vest 1. Patagonia Nano Puff Vest ($149) What I put on in the morning is what I wear all day. I like color in a vest or a top because most times I’m wearing black or gray pants at Pure Barre. This is perfect for going in and out of the studio or the grocery.

2. Splits59 Ashby Tank ($45) I have this long, soft tank in every color. They’re the best basic tank and a staple for me. I even have some to sleep in. It doesn’t stretch out, it washes well, and never gets baggy. Because I do Pure Barre, I don’t need something super-wicking, and I like more of a feminine look and feel.

Splendid_scoop_neck 3. Splendid Scoop Neck Tee ($50) These scoop neck tees are super soft and great for layering. It’s a Flashdance era we’re back to. Personally, I like the tight yoga pants on the bottom, and a loose, longish shirt on top.

4. Lululemon “In the Flow” Crops ($78) I absolutely love these capris—I could wear them every day. Wait, I do wear them every day. Okay, there are also days when I’ll wear an ankle-length pair instead.

Nike_Flyknit_cherry_pink_running 5. Nike Lunar 1+ Flyknits ($160) These are super light and come in lots of fun colors. Pink, turquoise, cherry with a dash of black. I can’t go back to old school shoes now. They feel so heavy. I wear these everywhere. They’re a crucial part of my daily uniform. —Melisse Gelula

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