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My Studio Style: Jennifer Johnson

An "It girl" on the Los Angeles dance cardio scene, Johnson shares her fave pieces from her fitness wardrobe to help you dance your way through your next workout.

Jennifer Johnson Movement Studio Los AngelesJennifer Johnson is somewhat of an “It girl” on the Los Angeles dance cardio scene.

The founder of the JJ Dancer technique and co-owner of Movement Studio LA built her career by touring with the likes of Beyoncé, Kanye West, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and furthered her fitness creds while working with Tracy Anderson, the godmother of dance cardio.

Now Johnson teaches high-energy, body-sculpting classes, and trains wellness lifestyle poster girl Jessica Alba, choreographing her dance routines in the upcoming films Sin City 2 and Dear Eleanor.

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 4.32.46 PM

Here, Johnson gives us a taste of her fun, flirty dance cardio style by way of her fitness wardrobe, with a collection of colorful and functional fitness fashion picks that will help you dance your way through your workout. —Jamie McKillop

1. Body Language Scrunchy Capri ($74) These capri pants are my jam because they hug and lift your body in all the right places. And yet the scrunch detail on the waistband doesn’t give you that annoying muffin top effect, if you know what I mean. I love the material, and I have them in about a dozen different colors, but this “feather” pattern is far and away my absolute favorite.

Hurley sports bra

2. Hurley Pivot Sports Bra ($30) It almost seems odd to call this top a sports bra because the feel is so soft, the fit is so cute and flattering, and it’s supportive without smooshing your chest. Not to mention that it’s made with Nike Dri Fit, so if you sweat the way I do, you stay pretty dry, hence the name. Again, I have these in every color I could possibly get my hands on—not a bad thing when you find something you love.

3. Nike Air Max 2013 iD ($160–$180)
These are my babies. They are what I call “Old Faithful.” nike_pink_dance_cardioI have had these sneakers since I first started training. I’ve tried my share of sneakers, and so far, these are the only ones that can support my sometimes weak ankles through the insane amount of working out and dancing I do on them every single day. Some may feel like the Nike Air Max sneaks are a little on the heavy side, but I feel like I’m hopping, jumping, skipping, and leaping on clouds when I wear them. Plus, I love that I get to put my own swag on it with that iD option. Gotta have that polarized pink, baby!


4. UP Band by Jawbone ($130) Ah… my new boo! I just got this wristband a few days ago and I’m loving it so far. The UP tracks your activity, sleep, and what you eat. The sleep and activity tracking is on point, great for tracking dance cardio. My clients who also wear it have been reporting 1000-1300 calories lost in my JJDancer classes. Work! It’s meant to be worn all day, so grab it in a color that you can rock with your favorite outfits, ladies (and gents). FYI, the device is so light that you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

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