My Studio Style: Jess Gronholm

For our first ever male Studio Style, the former model behind DirtyYoga shares his fashion picks he wears on the mat—and on his Vespa. Boyfriend shopping trip?

Jess Gronholm Jess Gronholm virtually delivers Dirty Yoga’s no-frills, accessible, affordable (and fun!) yoga classes to homes around the world, and contrary to how it may sound, he is, in fact, fully clothed while doing so. But that doesn’t mean you have to be.

“We have customers who do Dirty Yoga in their underwear in their hotel rooms when they travel for work,” the former model says. “To us, those customers are very cool. Style is partly found in the way you do something. They also have less laundry to do when they get back home.” (I really like the sound of that.)

And while he says it ultimately doesn’t matter what you wear when you do yoga (“what matters is that you practice”), we cornered him into it. “I’m on the go every day and ride a scooter in all weather, so I dress in comfortable layers that I can add and shed at will.”

Here’s what Gronholm sports on the way to his Brooklyn studio and on the mat—to inspire yoga dudes who are looking for something slightly more substantial than underwear. —Lisa Elaine Held

1. Adidas Originals Track Pants ($39.99–$60) I’ve been going old school in these classic three-stripe Adidas pants. I don’t usually wear them for a sweaty workout, but I can run in them in a pinch. I teach in them—they have enough stretch for me to bust out a yoga pose if I need to. And I can leave the gym and go out into the real world without having to change.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 5.02.57 PM 2. The Dirty Tee (Priceless) Whenever one of us wears a Dirty Yoga t-shirt, people stare at us, ask us what Dirty Yoga is, ask where they can get a t-shirt, yell at us out of car windows, or even follow us to see where we go. It’s a pretty powerful t-shirt. And by the way, that wasn’t a plug for the t-shirt. They’re not for sale. Yet.

3. Vespa Scooter (Price varies.) Dirty Yoga Co. is based in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, but we work out of the East Village as well, and shoot our videos in Williamsburg. I also still teach some yoga classes and have private clients around Manhattan, so being able to get where I need to be easily and quickly is essential. My Vespa is the one accessory I can’t do without. It’s also a classic piece of design. Best of all, riding around on a Vespa in the city in summer makes you feel like you’re on a mini-vacation.

4. Crumpler Laptop Messenger Bag ($138) This is a stylish, highly functional messenger bag that has a special strap to secure it while I’m on riding the Vespa. It’s water resistant and very tough. So tough it has a “Til Death Do Us Part” warranty. It’s Australian, a gift from my business partner who is also Australian. I really like Australian things, either because they’re great or because my business partner has brainwashed me.

bolle 5. Bolle Sport-Rally Sunglasses ($111.99) I’m careless of and hard on my sunglasses and have the wreckages to prove it. These are stylish but tough enough to survive my owning them. They look at home in the city and on the beach. And as long celebrities keep hiding behind them, slipping on a good pair of sunglasses can make you look like a star.

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