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David Wolfe Organic Avenue New YorkIf Mick Jagger is a rock legend, David Wolfe carries the same mantle in the natural foods and alternative health arena.

And he has the adoring fans to prove it. Tonight, at an Organic Avenue event that sold out several days ago, he’ll address a crowd of New Yorkers, some of whom paid $200 just to sit in the front row while he speaks.

“There’s so much interest in natural foods now,” says Wolfe. “From when I started this work 22 years ago compared to now, it’s like night and day.”

While interest in organics and plant-based nutrition is definitely exploding, a lot of research and information on the topic is still outside mainstream media, nutrition, and medicine, making it tough for New Yorkers to learn the latest.

David wolfe superfoodsAnd so they turn to Wolfe, who, through his books, lectures, websites, and nonprofits, teaches them to “Have The Best Day Ever” (in capital letters!) through raw foods, organic superfoods, natural beauty, herbalism, chocolate, and more.

“David is a pioneering thought leader in plant-based nutrition,” says Organic Avenue CEO Doug Evans. “He’s very broad in his knowledge and his research is cutting edge. And he’s articulate—he’s able to communicate complex scientific research in simple language.”

At tonight’s event, he’ll be focusing on exotic foods like goji berries and maca root, and on current genetic research on longevity through plant-based supplements.

Like any rock star, Wolfe is hosting an after-party. But Organic Avenue mocktails and herbal tonics will be the hardest stuff available. —Lisa Elaine Held

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