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When the former head of comedy for NBC sets her sights on opening a drop-in meditation studio, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the end result is going to be… well, a must-see.

Such is the case for The Den, which soft-opens January 18 on the same super-healthy La Brea block as Modo Yoga and Clover juice. Forget starting small—founder Tal Rabinowitz is offering up to ten meditation and mindfulness classes per day, three workshops each weekend, and a roster of superstar instructors including Ben DeckerMariah Perkins, Ryan Weiss, and Chandresh Bhardwaj.

Since 2013—during her tenure at NBC, when she held transcendental meditation classes in her office—Rabinowitz has wanted to create a space where her spiritual and professional lives could co-exist. She says: “The void for me was, where can I go to drink a cup of tea, get my work done, and take a class? I want you to have balance in your life… to learn how to center yourself while still getting stuff done. I don’t want to pretend the real world doesn’t exist.” (So yes, there will be WiFi.)

The Den Meditation 5The space combines the all-day drop-in aspect of Westside meditation studio Unplug with the all-inclusive clubhouse mentality of Wanderlust Hollywood, wrapped up a design concept that reflects a cozy, stylish living room. “I really want people to feel at home,” says Rabinowitz. “You can read a book, have a conversation with a friend, sit with your teacher and dive deeper into your meditation, or just be on your own and write a script.” (Didn’t we tell you meditation is going social this year?)

Along with a spacious lobby lounge, the studio also includes a 50-person group classroom, a smaller “drop-in room” for solo meditating and workshops, and a treatment area for private lessons and energy healing.

And then, of course, there’s a weighty lineup of daily meditation classes ranging from 20 to 45 minutes, with one to suit every waking hour—an “AM Energize” session in the morning, the signature “#CTFO” (“Chill the F*** Out”) and “Lunchtime Detox” during the day, and “Candlelight Relax” at night.

Add in sessions for more specific tastes (pre-natal and fertility meditation, sound baths, yoga nidra) as well as a full calendar of upcoming workshops (women’s empowerment circles, mindful parenting, ecstatic breathing), and you might just have the most comprehensive meditation program east of the 405.

Oh, and one other tiny thing—all classes are free and unlimited from January 18-31, no strings attached. “It’s just be who you are, come as you are, and feel better,” says Rabinowitz. Sounds like the formula for a smash hit. —Erin Magner

The Den, 360 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90036, 323-424-3444,

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(Photos: The Den)