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kids exercise in Times Square
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In a blog post last Thursday, Robin Schepper, the Executive Director of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative, announced that over 470 mayors across the United States had signed a pledge to become official Let’s Move! Cities and Towns. Somehow, amid all of the post-blizzard cleanup chaos, our very own Michael Bloomberg found the time to add his name to this list.

Bloomberg’s commitment helps launch local Let’s Move! efforts, like reducing the risk of obesity in early childhood; improving nutrition in schools; increasing access to fresh affordable food; and increasing physical activity,” wrote Schepper.

While 470 is a large number, New York City is one of only five cities or towns in our state that joined the movement. Go us!

But not so fast. There is plenty of work to be done. First on the to-do list we’ve so graciously started for Bloomy? Get our city’s chefs off of the Food Network and into the many schools that are still searching for some simple instruction in slicing and dicing their way to lunchboxes full of healthy meals.