Omega Institute hosts its coolest yoga conference yet

Call it a mini Wanderlust. Only without all the tattoos.
Shiva Rea yoga class
Shiva Rea is just one of the yoga luminaries teaching at the Omega Institute's Being Yoga Conference

“It’s an adult playground,” says Seane Corn. “A gathering of the yoga armies,” adds Dharma Mittra. “And the food is better than ever,” says Colleen Saidman Yee. “The place really becomes an ashram,” says David Life.

They’re all talking about—and taking part in—the Being Yoga Conference, a two-night retreat at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, that’s coming up on the weekend of August 20. And there’s still room.

Call it a mini Wanderlust. Only without all the tattoos.

The yoga conference (a term that should be retired as a way to refer to uber-yoga events) swaps boardroom tables for yoga mats—and fluorescent lights for the natural, wooded surroundings of Rhinebeck’s outskirts.

The CEOs here are A-list yogis who offer a roster of classes with various tracks intented for yoga teachers and students. We’ll see if the Clinton wedding paparazzi has been lingering around the Hudson River Valley shoot the cast of yoga luminaries attending. Including Seane Corn and the others already mentioned are a handful of West Coasters, like Vinnie Marino and Shiva Rea, as well as Sharon Salzberg, who’s teaching lovingkindness.

On Saturday night, Omega goes disco (not really) with a kirtan celebration with Wah!, whose music your yoga teacher has already acquainted you with in class. The solid lineup looks like it has a foot in yoga tradition—and its eye on the future. Maybe next year we’ll see some of the new guard of yogis and even a DJ?

It costs $395 for the retreat, plus a per-person package that includes three vegetarian meals and lodging, which starts at $160 for a tent and maxes out at $458 for the swank new green rooms. Getting to Omega is easy on a bus or Amtrak train to Rhinecliff. Omega provides shuttle service.

To register, call 877-944-2002 or sign-up online at

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