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Pure Food and Wine goes gluten-free

Pure Food and Wine


New York’s favorite high-end raw, vegan hot spot is about to add another label to its cuisine: gluten-free.

Pure Food and Wine only has a few items on the menu that even contain gluten, but, the restaurant saw a huge influx of gluten-free eaters, says owner Sarma Melngailis. So, she decided it was time to make it easier for them to dine there.

Changes include opting for certified gluten-free oats and replacing the unpasteurized soy sauce Nama Shoyu with tamari. “Tamari isn’t raw, but since it’s such a small amount used in so many dishes, we felt the benefit of having the menu wide open for the gluten-free people outweighs the ‘raw-ness’,” says Melngailis.

The only red flag: The manna bread used for the lunch burger is still neither raw nor gluten-free, so it will be marked. But that may change, says Melngailis. “We’ll work on coming up with our own bread once we’re in our new production space.” —Lisa Elaine Held