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RA MA Records' new album—from Guru Jagat's cool Venice Kundalini studio label—features Jane Wiedlin of The Go Go’s, plus hip hop- and rock-inspired tracks.
Guru Jagat
(Photo: Guru Jagat)

In the haute-hippie enclave of Venice, California, the Rick Owens, turban-wearing yogi Guru Jagat has been breathing new life into the Kundalini scene at her RA MA Yoga studio.

She leads enticingly titled workshops (Golden Glow Yogic Beauty Secrets includes three minutes of cat-cow pose to stimulate collagen production), 3-Day Ice Cream Cleanses (featuring a daily diet of five pints of raw, fermented coconut ice cream in flavors like ‘Master Cleanse’ and ‘Superfood’), and innovative classes set to her own Lady Gaga- and Elvis-inspired mantras (she’s been signed by former Coldplay manager Terry McBride).

Now her yoga music label RA MA Records has released its second compilation, RA MA Records Volume 2, and it features Jane Wiedlin of The Go Go’s new all-girl mantra band “Go Gobinday!”, alongside seven new electronica, hip hop, rock, and bluegrass inspired tracks.

“RA MA Records’ mission is to trail-blaze a new genre of music for mass consumption in and out of the yoga space, on the dance floor, radio, and beyond,” says Guru Jagat of her Kirtan-free approach.

“We are at the beginning of a new genre of music that has some consciousness to it.” —Rachel Marlowe

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