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raw calendarCalendars cater to every variety of person—cat lovers and art aficionados, fans of Brooklyn girls and fans of Glee. Now, just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, two Canadians have created a calendar for those who like their food, and their beauty, raw.

After discovering that a raw diet seriously boosted her energy and well-being, Tanya Wood, a sculpture artist, decided she had to share it.

“With the calendar, I wanted to make something visually beautiful that anyone could appreciate—and include recipes that anyone could make,” says Wood, who sourced recipes that have easy-to-find ingredients and require only a food processor or blender. “The artistic mandate was: raw, natural, accessible, simple, honest,” she says.

Raw beauty calendar

Wood teamed up with photographer Nick Rudnicki to create “Raw Beauty 2011: 13 Real People Gone Raw.” All of the models are raw foodies. None are airbrushed. And they range in age from 18 to 62.

How are people digesting the raw food calendar concept?

Rudnicki says that there’s been some resistance to the project from people who saw the nudity in the calendar as a marketing gimmick. But he insists that the bottom line is about showcasing natural “whole body beauty.”

Raw beauty calendar

Wood concurs: “We’re just two artists who are not selling anything with this project except inspiration to greater health. I’m inspired by these real, unedited beautiful people of all ages, and I hope that others are, too.”

To purchase the calendar, which is $16.99 plus shipping, visit The calendar is printed on 100% recycled paper, using non-toxic vegetable based inks, and 5% of the proceeds benefit Organic Athlete.