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(Photo: Gingersnap's Organic)
(Photo: Gingersnap's Organic)
(Photo: Gingersnap’s Organic)

You may have to take the crosstown bus to get your Go Green Colada next week.

Cult-favorite East Village raw food and juice bar Gingersnap’s Organic is shuttering its current location and reopening in a larger location in the West Village.

“I have a hard time saying it out loud, the East Village location was my baby,” says founder Jamie Graber. “But it’s always been a convenient item in an inconvenient location if you don’t live over there…. We hope that the more central location will foster an even bigger community.” (Like those wrapping up a sweat sesh at nearby Barre3, maybe?)

The new location, on West 10th Street between Sixth and Greenwich Avenues, is slated to open as early as January 24, with the three-year-old East Village shop closing just a few days prior.

As for the menu, Graber says this will be more of a “juice-bar-meets-coffee-shop,” with an expanded coffee menu (that will still include Gingersnap’s signature homemade almond milk) and staff required to complete mandatory trainings at Brooklyn Roasting Company. The food options will stay mostly the same, with the introduction of seasonal elixirs and some warm dishes like cream of cauliflower vegan soup and quinoa cereal.

Graber says the space will have reclaimed wood tables and brick walls, just like in the East Village, and there will be room for about 20 people, free wifi, and a large sound-proof window behind the counter into the kitchen. Downstairs, another kitchen will do the really loud juicing with the Norwalk Juicers, so you won’t be distracted while you answer emails.

Oh, and forget about the bus. For Gingersnap’s Organic original devotees, delivery will be available on Seamless through Avenue D, so you can still get your sesame kale chip fix. —Jamie McKillop

Gingersnap’s Organic, 113 W. 10th St., between Sixth and Greenwich Aves., West Village,

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