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Readers review: Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD

brooklyn bridge boot campAs a private in the reserve ranks of Ariane Hundt’s boot camp (and an owner of two dozen fitness DVDs), I can’t imagine a tough workout being so accurately captured on film, as the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD.

Hundt is accurately portrayed as the bad-ass, no-nonsense goddess she is—and not given a glossy makeover. Her participants look real (though super fit). And the setting on the Brooklyn Bridge is such a treat compared to super-sanitized studios and overly cheesy waves-crashing-in-background fitness DVDs.

Only the running-in-place knee-ups pissed off my downstairs neighbor, so I’ve had to do some of the workout barefoot.

Well+Good recently gave away several copies of the brand-new DVD, with the promise that our readers would report back. Here’s what two had to say about their virtual workout with Hundt and her boot-campers on the bridge. —Melisse Gelula


I’m Sam, and I blog at Mom At The Barre. I was thrilled to review the newly released Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD, which is based on Ariane Hundt’s eponymous workout.

The DVD follows a live class—only when the class is running up the bridge, a split screen appears and Ariane instructs you to perform jumping jacks and sumo squats in place instead.

Other segments will have you lunging, donkey kicking, holding a plank, doing one-legged squats, squat jumping, and shoulder pressing to the point of exhaustion—often with resistance bands (provided with the DVD).

Takeaway: This 55-minute total body workout can easily be done in small spaces. The split-screen effect allows viewers to experience the energy of a live class. It’s a tough but great workout!

brooklyn bridge boot campREVIEWER: Kimberly R.

I just downed my double espresso and popped in Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD, completing my second day in a row of living room boot camp.

I was immediately welcomed by Ariane, who looked tough and buff, so I was ready to sweat.

The warm-up was intense, with lots of push-ups (and no rest period!), so your heart rate is continuously up. And you do a ton of jumping jacks — 300? I lost count after 12.…

The music quickly got monotonous, but I tried to drown it out by counting triceps reps until I couldn’t take it anymore (I may have cheated a little and quit before she was done).

Before I got pregnant, I did Crossfit four times a week and I found it more intense. But naturally, if I were in an actual class with Ariane, and enjoying the outdoor scenery, I’d be motivated to push myself a bit further.

The takeaway: Of course, nothing beats doing the intervals and sprints on the bridge. But with a new baby, my only option is to sweat at home with Ariane, who has an encouraging, stick-with-it attitude.

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD costs $35, includes an exercise guide and resistance bands,