Refrigerator Look Book: Adam Rosante

The People's Bootcamp founder lets us take a look in his veggie-centric fridge.
adam rosante people's boot camp trainer
Adam Rosante of the People’s Boot Camp (Photo: Self)

Adam Rosante is the founder of The People’s Bootcamp, a pay-what-you-can workout that lets lovers of (ridiculously challenging) workouts break a serious sweat and make their student loan payments plus rent.

Rosante trains hard right along his students (and then some), and he includes clean eating as part of his health and wellness manifesto. He doesn’t touch meat, even fish, and with the amount of veggies in his fridge, it looks like he eats his body weight in greens daily.

We wouldn’t know for sure, though, since he doesn’t mess around with numbers. “I don’t count calories or measure protein grams,” the Hamptons native says. “If that’s what you’re into, go for it. But that’s not how I or my clients live our lives. I’ve adopted positive eating habits and listen to my body.”

We peeked in Rosante’s home fridge, which he shares and stocks with his wife Kate, to find out just what those healthy habits look like…

First thing’s first. I notice you’ve got wine and beer. How do you fit that into a healthy lifestyle? By drinking it every day. Jokes aside, living a healthy lifestyle means enjoying your life fully. I enjoy wine and craft beer, so I drink wine and craft beer. It’s up to each individual to determine their goals and proceed accordingly.

Good advice! You must burn a crazy amount of calories each day from teaching such intense classes. How do you fuel up before and refuel after a workout? I eat five times a day. What I eat before a workout depends on the type of training I’m doing. But I keep it simple and clean. Usually an apple and a spoonful of raw almond butter. After a workout, I’ll have a shake with whey protein, a banana, and creatine monohydrate.

Got it. You’re down with whey, and I see some Greek yogurt on the bottom shelf. Since you’re a vegetarian, is this how you make sure you get enough protein? I love Greek yogurt! I just used it to make tzatziki that went on grilled eggplant with fresh herbs. I’ve been eating a plant-based diet for about 10 years. I’ve adopted positive eating habits and listen to my body. Here’s the thing, every body is different and not every “diet” is right for everyone. Pick something that you like and that aligns with your life and your principles, then gauge if it’s working for you and proceed accordingly. Feel like you’re not getting enough protein? Have some more protein. We often tend to unnecessarily complicate things.

photo You have a ton of vegetables. How are you using them? My wife and I do a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share with Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett. You’re looking at what’s left of the first batch of the season. That bowl on the bottom left is filled with pea shoots. We’ll make pesto with them this week. The arugula that’s in the other bowl will be a nice bed for some zucchini cakes that I’ll top with the rest of that yogurt and some fresh chives. One of the great things about doing a CSA is that it forces you to be creative with your cooking. You get what they’ve got. So you have to do what you can with what you get. It’s like Veggie Christmas that turns into Iron Chef every weekend. Nothing goes to waste in our house.

Ha! Sounds like a fun time. You’ve displayed the lemons very artfully. What do you use them for? I use them for everything. I’ll put the juice in water, use the juice and the zest as part of a dressing or sauce, grill them until blackened, and add them to a dish. I could go on and on! I guess that particular plate does make it look pretty art directed. It’s an Italian thing. There are always fresh lemons, cheese, and capers in our fridge. And extra-virgin olive oil and San Marzano tomatoes in our pantry. Wine on our rack. Good company at our table.

What’s not to like? I spy some green juices on the back of the top shelf. Where did you get them? Jack’s Stir Brew in Amagansett. He has a few shops throughout Manhattan. Most people know Jack’s for coffee, but I love his cold-pressed juices. Mr. Green is my fave.

Yum! Last question. What’s in the box on top of the eggs? That’s actually a big wedge of Pecorino Romano. You’ll have to come to a Sunday Supper and see it put to good use. —Jamie McKillop


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