Refrigerator Look Book: Ariane Hundt

Ariane Hundt Well+Good brings you a new kind of look book—an exclusive sneak peek into the refrigerators of New Yorkers.

For Ariane Hundt, nutritionist, personal trainer, and founder of one of New York’s toughest workouts—the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp—food serves three purposes: It has to taste good, make her feel good, and support her overall health. “Without my health, I can’t do my work. So I choose to eat what keeps my body healthy, my mood balanced, my skin happy, and my body in a certain shape,” says Hundt.

While many wellness-conscious New Yorkers are cutting dairy out of their diets, Hundt, a pescatarian, relies on it for the protein punch her workouts require. Read on for a glimpse into her world of cottage cheese and frozen vegetables.

That’s a lot of Greek yogurt!
You’re looking at a freshly stocked fridge with goodies from Fresh Direct. Greek yogurt was on sale, and I was loading up on it because it’s one of my favorite protein snacks. I eat one almost daily. I add cinnamon or slivered almonds, raspberries, strawberries or blueberries, or oats to make it more interesting.

I noticed a conspicuous lack of meat. Are you a vegetarian? Given that your workouts are so intense and so frequent, how do you get the protein you need to kick butt during boot camp?

Ariane Hundt's refrigerator
The view from inside: Ariane Hundt's refrigerator

I haven’t eaten meat in 13 years, but I do eat fish. I’m a big fan of salmon and have my freezer stocked with frozen salmon. Since I need about 120 grams of protein per day, I rely on eggs, Greek yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts, fish, and protein powder to get what I need. The power to kick butt during boot camp comes from having fun with it. My energy is endless for things I enjoy.

How often do you eat?
I eat 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2-3 snacks during the day. I stick to that schedule to keep my blood sugar balanced. I’m hypoglycemic, so if I don’t eat regular meals or have too much sugar or starch at any one meal my energy dwindles, my mood drops, and sugar cravings set in. Not a good way to make it through a 15-hour day! Eating small frequent meals isn’t just important to balance my blood sugar but it also keeps my body fat in a happy place and helps me feel good.

Ariane Hundt's refrigerator
Veggies, veggies, and more veggies

I would never be able to eat all of those veggies before they went bad. Is this fridge stocked just for you or do you have a partner in crime?
This is just for me. I love to cook and eat! I do get ambitious with my produce though and sometimes I have to force myself to eat them before they go bad. When I need to use up my veggies I make big stir fries or salads and throw in whatever needs to be used. I also freeze some dishes if my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

You’re okay with freezing your veggies?
There are weeks when all I eat are frozen veggies. I just drop them in the steamer basket when I get home at night, and pop the salmon in the oven while I shower. Frozen veggies are the way to go, and in many cases better than the fresh stuff that’s harvested early, shipped across the country, sits in the store and is then cooked to death.

Is that tea on the upper right?
Yes, I always keep tea in my fridge as an alternative to water. I love trying different teas and am a big fan of Yogi Teas and Traditional Medicinal Teas. Currently I’m hooked on Guayaki Mate. It has a good amount of caffeine, lots of antioxidants, and contains 15 amino acids and some magnesium, which can aid relaxation. I get a more balanced energy boost from it than from coffee, so I drink it towards the afternoon with steamed skim milk.

Um, what’s all of that the sour cream for?
That’s cottage cheese! Just another one of my protein sources. I eat it with lots of cinnamon (which helps balance blood sugar) and an apple or berries or slivered almonds. It also tastes great on a slice of bread with peanut butter.

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