Refrigerator Look Book: Ava Taylor

"Our fridge is a kula, a community of the heart—or stomach—if you will." Check out the communal fridge of yoga agent Ava Taylor and her star-client Sadie Nardini.
Ava and Sadie
Ava Taylor, left, and Sadie Nardini have perfected the art of fridge-sharing

Ava Taylor is something of an anomaly—a low-key, friendly talent agent who’s built a career representing yogis—they had no Ari Gold before she set up shop. Her company, YAMA Talent, shares offices—and a fridge—with one of her star clients Sadie Nardini, the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa, author, and YouTube sensation. We caught up with Ava for a behind-the-scenes look at what gets stored in the communal fridge when a teacher and a talent agent decide to stock it together.

So, you share your refrigerator with colleagues, huh? How does that work out?

Our fridge is a kula, a community of the heart—or stomach—if you will. We each chip in for food expenses, and if we eat the last of it, we replace it. Except for the time someone ate all of Sadie’s favorite cheese and she had to make a stand, it’s worked out wonderfully.

Ava Fridge About that…a cheese drawer!  Yogis eat cheese?

These yogis eat cheese. Some faves are Irish cheddar, Gruyere, and goat cheese brie. We choose organic on the label, unless it comes from farmers in France, in which case, we figure it’s aged, loved, crafted—and so it’s organic by default.

I see some kombucha in there. Any particular favorite brands?

That’s our favorite kombucha from Bad Ass Organics, a NYC company. We like to stay local—and sassy—whenever possible. The ginger is fantastic, and gives double the belly benefits.

And what’s that Udo’s Oil all about?

For massive multi-taskers like us, it’s the best! This oil contains the perfect blend of unrefined omega 3, 6, and 9 oils. We put it in salad dressings, in soups, hot breakfast cereal—anything we can.

Cheese Drawer
The famous cheese drawer.

What does a typical day of meals look like for you guys?
Big breakfasts for busy ladies! I love oatmeal, brown sugar, nuts, almond milk—that sort of thing, unless I’m slammed in the morning work-wise and then I’ll eat leftovers from dinner with an egg on top!  Sadie often has some gluten-free cereal. That’s Sadie’s Brown Rice bread. Since she’s a celiac, she can’t eat any gluten. We’ve had some and it’s delicious.

Lunch time (which we have actually had to put on the calendar for the day so that we don’t forget to take the time to stop and eat) is veggies and protein. Around five or six, we whip out a hunk of cheese, toast the day’s successes, and work a few more hours.

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