Refrigerator Look Book: Bianca Jade

The fitness blogger and consultant behind MizzFit hits two daily workouts and is running her fifth NYC marathon, but doesn't pretend to have the healthiest fridge.
Bianca Jade fashion MizzFit
Bianca Jade of MizzFit (Photo: Rodrigo Pereda Beuchat)

As a fitness brand consultant and founder of fashion-loving blog MizzFit, Bianca Jade works with apparel companies from W8 Fit to Lady Foot Locker— and she loves to test-drive it all. Fortunately her life allows for that. Jade completes no fewer than two workouts a day: “One’s usually for work, the other’s just for me,” says Jade, who’s currently training for her fifth New York City Marathon.

So what does the super-fit New Yorker do to keep her energy up for her training runs and copious workouts? She reaches into her “double-wide fridge” stocked with lots of “grab-and-go produce,” several kinds of yogurt, and a few personal dietary vices like Fanta and corn dogs. What are they doing in her diet? MizzFit’s Bianca Jade explains:

How do you describe your eating habits? Are you a vegetarian?
I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, so I’d be banned if I were a vegetarian! But I’m also not a cook, so I’ll typically have an easy salad for dinner. I’m definitely a meat lover, but I usually go for fish first, then chicken. I’ve tried to curb eating beef and red meat, because I know it’s probably not the best for my body.

Has being in the fitness industry and writing MizzFit affected the way you eat?
It has totally changed me. When I started writing about fitness trends, I was writing about supplements or things I just wasn’t into. But learning about food as nutrition, that’s a real education. I now know to eat dark leafy greens, etc. Mind you, there are things I won’t cut out…

Speaking of, we have to address the cans of Fanta in your fridge.
I tell everyone to cut out soda—it’s full of sugar, and sodium, and it absolutely leads to weight gain. But every few weeks I crave something really sweet, and I just want a Fanta. These are mini cans—too much gives me a stomach ache. I’m Honduran, and I spent a lot of time in Honduras as a kid. Flavored sodas are really big there, so that’s the connection.Bianca Jade MizzFit fridge and diet

So you’re okay with junk food from time to time?
I’ve never been a dieter, ever. I stick to the idea of portion control. Like the mini child-size corn dogs I have in my freezer. Having a bite of one at home prevents a midnight run to the bodega for something worse, like three bags of Swedish Fish.

You have three kinds of yogurt in your fridge!
I’m a big fan of the probiotics, and I always want it in the morning. The coffee flavor one just goes with a cup of coffee. The Dannon Actives I’ll toss in my purse and drink with an energy bar or a bagel. If I’m going to an early Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp or Refine Method class, I have to eat something beforehand or I feel like hell.

You have a rocking body and eat bagels?
I do a few marathons a year, and a bagel to me feels like it’s digesting slowly over the course of the run. It keeps me going. I can eat a lot of carbs and still be okay. That’s my body though. For me, it’s candy or frozen yogurt that’s a problem.

So what’s a typical meal for you?
I’m not a meal-eater, I’m a grazer. I’m constantly eating all day long. And I think it’s healthier for me, since I do two workouts a day and I feel like I have to be constantly fueling. I’ve always looked at food as fuel. I’m not a cook or a foodie. When I’m hungry, I have no patience. I grab veggies and eat them in a salad, or some cheese and a tortilla. Women in New York are so good and controlled and into being healthy and scheduled about their meals and trips to Organic Avenue. I’m not like that. I wish I was.Bianca Jade MizzFit fridge and diet

What kind of tortillas?
I love Ezekiel’s. I warm them up on the stove with a little oil and add cheese to make a quesadilla. Though I’m part gringa, my Honduran family would shake their heads at me if I used flour tortillas. I let the Ezekiel ones slide because they’re grainy enough to pass for corn…sort of. And they’re healthy.

How will you use the corn on the cob?
I’ll shave it into a bowl of kale with some cheese, turkey, and chopped yellow peppers. That’s a pretty big deal dinner for me. Like I said, I don’t really cook. I totally had a corn dog and edamame for dinner last night after my training run. It was so delicious!

That a big bottle of liquid chlorophyll. How are you using it?
My mom got me into it. I really hate the taste, but it’s a good source of magnesium, replenishes red blood cells, and is good for energy. I’ll force myself to eat something that’s healthy even if I don’t super like it.

Sounds like your mom has good eating habits.
She does! In the Hispanic culture, there’s not a lot of healthy-eating awareness. But she’s always been into having a healthy kitchen and has definitely inspired me to be healthier. If my mom’s drinking liquid chlorophyll and I’m in the fitness world and not, I kind of feel guilty.

Cute eye-cooling mask in the ice bin!
I get migraines, and it helps for that. I really don’t like migraine medication. I’d rather eat healthy to cure what ails me. Although I’m not sure the corn dogs are helping… —Melisse Gelula

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