Refrigerator Look Book: Cadence Dubus

Cadence Dubus From the way she runs her Brooklyn Heights Pilates studio, Brooklyn Strength, to how she grocery shops, Cadence Dubus, 30, is all about environmental sustainability.

“I’m organic as much as possible,” Dubus says. “I’ve done my best to use the studio to support the same values.”

This fitness guru opened the door to her South Park Slope refrigerator to reveal 10-inch wide mushrooms, homemade dog food, and raw milk from New York’s underground dairy scene. And why taking time to prepare meals is a top priority in her life.

She also opened her celeb file to discuss what training Jemima Kirke from HBO’s show “Girls” is like. Wait for it…

Those must be the largest mushrooms I have ever seen. Where are they from? I go to the Park Slope Food Coop. The food quality is miles above anything you get at the grocery store. Those are big portabellos. They still have dirt on them.

Are those tomatoes from the Coop, too? Yes, they’re hydroponic. It’s almost like having them in summer. I’ve been eating them all the time for snacks and with scrambled eggs in the morning.

You definitely have an eye for produce. Do you primarily buy in-season? My philosophy is to eat somewhat locally. I don’t do the green apples from Chili and strawberries from Mexico. I feel like it’s the most environmentally friendly thing to do. I’m skeptical of people that argue that being a vegan puts the least impact on the planet. While that may be true in some ways, I feel like if you’re having a bunch of fresh baby spinach shipped in from California, that’s obviously an enormous impact on the planet. I think it might be better to just make sure everything you’re getting is from the East Coast.

Cadence Dubus I spy two jars of Coconut Manna. What’s your favorite use for the coconut butter? I originally got Coconut Manna for my dog. She’s diabetic and has always been really thin, so I’d throw a dollop of that on her food. But once I tried it, I realized it’s the most delicious thing in the world. I don’t know why anyone would sweeten coconut if that’s what coconut tastes like just on its own. I’ve been mixing it with yogurt, or even eating a tablespoon of that as my late night snack.

Oh, wow. Now I want some. I’m also curious about the giant jars of Cow Milk Yogurt. They look interesting. I get raw dairy delivery! I started doing some reading about it and basically, because it’s not pasteurized or homogenized, all of the enzymes are still alive. It’s full of beneficial hormones and bacteria and all kinds of things that build the immune system. You have to buy it direct from a farmer because it can potentially kill you with the bacteria. There are a couple different farms that deliver just to Manhattan and Brooklyn. It’s almost like the cable guy. “We’ll be at your house between 12 and 4 on Thursday.” You have to go downstairs and exchange cash for your dairy.

We hear you’re training someone from the HBO show “Girls.” It’s Jemima Kirke. She’s very cool. We’re trying to get rid of her baby weight. She’s really strong. It’s a challenge to come up with new things for her to do.

Brooklyn Strength is strict on being eco-friendly. Why did you decide to make that a priority? When you own your own business, you get to do all the things that you like. I try to make sure it’s as chemical-free as possible. If you’re going so far as to open your own business, that is such a statement about your beliefs. I would hope that every aspect of that would be as close to my values as possible.

What are some things you aim for when it comes to your nutrition? I really think that putting care and attention into your food is a real expression of how you take care of yourself. I believe it in taking time to prepare food and having that available to you because that is what creates life. I reasonably have three to six moments in a day where I have to eat and nourish myself. Those are all opportunities, so I try and put in effort. It’s bizarre that we don’t have time to do the things that sustain us but we have all the time to do the things that make us stressed out. —Amy Eley

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