Refrigerator Look Book: Dana James

When we learned that James is a triple board-certified nutritionist, we couldn’t wait to see if her fridge wasn’t three times better than ours. It kind of is.

Dana James Food Coach NYC When we learned that Dana James, MS, founder of Food Coach, is a triple board certified nutritionist, we couldn’t wait to see if her fridge wasn’t three times better than ours. It kind of is. (She wowed us with her protein at the ready, and her fridge door full of supplements.)

And she’s not stopping there: When the New York-based Australian isn’t sharing tips for the Today Show or creating next-generation nutrition plans for her clients, she’s studying for her fellowship in anti-aging regenerative and functional medicine.

No wonder one of her working mottos is “food should help us look and feel amazing—and have a smarter, faster brain.” Here’s how the uber-educated nutritionist accomplishes it:

Your refrigerator door is packed with supplements! How many do you take daily? My supplement routine depends on what I’m working on at a specific time. Right now, I’m focusing on nourishing my adrenals, improving my digestive health, and boosting my antioxidant levels. What you see in the refrigerator is a powerful probiotic by Klaire Labs. Xymogen S-Acetyl Glutathione, which helps promote the body’s most abundant antioxidant, glutathione. And Calm PRT and TravaCor, which are nature’s happy pills.Dana James fridge door

And what’s in that tinted bottle next to your green powder? That’s chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps to alkalize the body. It’s a nice balance to coffee, which is highly acidic. Every morning I have a shot of chlorophyll while I’m making my French Pressed coffee.

Coffee and chlorophyll! Everything in moderation, right? Ha ha…I’m not actually one for moderation but more about balance on both sides.

Next to the organic milk is a green juice that I’ve never seen. Where is it from? It’s from Lifethyme, which is a health food store on Sixth Avenue at 8th Street. This is one of my favorite green juices. It’s really thick and tastes amazing.

And you drink milk? Good catch: I don’t drink it! I bought it for a dinner party I was hosting.

So that’s why there’s all of that wine! Ummm…why, yes!

What kind of food do you have stocked here that’s in your regular rotation? On the second shelf, there’s tempeh, tofu, and smoked fish. I like to have ready-made protein available so I can throw it into a salad when I’m pressed for time. There’s also a raw gluten-free bread by Rayo De Sol, which is incredible. It’s made with carrot, sunflower seed, and flax seed with no grains at all. It’s exceptional with avocado and smoked salmon.

Dana James fridge

I’m assuming your fridge reflects your philosophy of functional nutrition. What exactly does functional nutrition mean? Everybody should eat a clean diet with a small amount of protein, mostly vegetables, and a little bit of complex carbohydrates depending upon the person’s exercise routine and tolerance for them. With functional nutrition, we use food, supplements, and botanicals to heal the body or take a person to the next level of wellness. For example, if you have overwhelming carb cravings you may have low serotonin levels, and an amino acid that boosts serotonin levels could help assuage those cravings. —Elizabeth LaRosa

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