Refrigerator Look Book: David Kirsch

The trainer behind Heidi Klum's hot bod gives us a peak at what he stocks in his fridge and shares his top nutrition tip.

David Kirsch You can see the results of David Kirsch’s approach to fitness in Heidi Klum’s toned legs and walking the Victoria’s Secret runway.

Kirsch famously whips Klum (and other models, celebs, and civilians) into shape out of his Madison Square Club wellness center. And this lawyer-turned-celebrity trainer doesn’t leave his clients’ nutrition at the door. Kirsch offers a nutrition line that includes cleansing juices, protein powders, and nutrition bars. “I eat one or two a day,” the health and fitness guru admits.

With twin daughters at home, Kirsch has to cater his own refrigerator to meet his smart nutrition lifestyle with the busy realities of parenting. He gave us an exclusive peak at what he stocks and shares the top piece of advice he gives to his high-profile clients.

You also have a LOT of coconut water. Is that your beverage of choice before/after workouts? I actually start every day with my “special” drink. It’s a blend of my Muscle Restore and Energy Bubbles mixed with coconut water for hydration.

Your product line is heavy on the supplements. Do you personally take a lot of them? Which ones? Yes! In addition to the supplement powders I mentioned in my morning drink, daily I take additional vitamin D3, and an amazing amino acid called Glutathione for its antioxidant power. I also take my advanced multi-vitamin and my Ageless Defense, and I love my AM Daily Detox, which is like a mini-cleanse. When I’m feeling run down I take extra Astralagus.

Onto the fridge, are those sliced vegetables in baggies next to the oranges? What’s happening with those? Those are packed and ready to go for my daughters. When I pick them up from school or when we go on little adventures to the park, they like a little snack. I always have healthy snacks cut and ready to go for them.

That’s a good trick for the rest of us, too. What do you do to convince your daughters to eat them? I don’t have to convince them! They’ve eaten fruit and vegetables since they’ve been chewing. Eating a cookie or a candy would be more bizarre to them. When offered they say, “Oh no, we don’t eat candy.” Fruits and vegetables are what they reach for, and, when we’re in the market, they ask if things are organic.

That’s amazing. So what are meals like at the Kirsch house? On the second shelf down, what’s in the big glass container in the middle? How about wrapped in the paper next to it? In the paper is fresh fish from Eataly, my favorite neighborhood grocery store. It’s right next to my Madison Square Club. The big Corningware container was a huge vat of turkey chili I had made over the weekend. My daughters love to help me stir.

I see several containers of almond milk. Are you anti-dairy or is it just a personal preference? I’m not a huge fan of dairy personally. I prefer almond milk in my protein shakes or even in my occasional short latte.

Nutrition is a huge part of your brand—when you’re training high-profile clients for photo shoots and runway shows, what is the most important nutrition tip you always give? Follow my A,B,C’s—no alcohol, bread, or processed carbs, and I advise them to stay away from dairy and sugars. Keep it clean, lean, and green. —Amy Eley

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