Refrigerator Look Book: Dolvett Quince

(Photo: Chris Haston)
(Photo: Chris Haston)
(Photo: Chris Haston)

“I genuinely care about my work, and I genuinely care about people,” The Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince says. “I get excited to take someone from doubt to belief. To take something they think is physically impossible and show them they can do it.”

It’s this sweetheart, motivational attitude that’s made Quince one of the most beloved trainers on the (as of recently, otherwise controversial) show, which wraps up its sixteenth season this Thursday.

And you can bet on the fact that he walks the walk with his own health, too.

“I follow the 3-1-2-1 diet, which means I eat clean for three days and cheat for one, followed by eating clean for two days and cheating for one,” he says. “I’m a huge fan of high fiber, adding something green in there, and also increasing the lean protein on my plate.”

The Brentwood, Los Angeles, resident believes that this approach provides balance and structure, which he says are two keys to a healthy lifestyle.

Read on for what clean eating (and cheating) means for this TV fitness star, whose new book, The Biggest Loser Boot Camp, recently hit shelves.

Dolvett Quince DietThat’s certainly a lot of water on the door. How much do you drink per day? I drink about a gallon or so. The Fiji tastes really good to me. I think there’s a difference in the way certain water tastes. I also like the way it feels in my hand. If you sweat as much as I do, you never get tired of drinking water. You want to stay hydrated, especially in this beautiful Los Angeles weather.

What about all of the cans below the Fiji water? That’s coconut water. I love coconut water. I have it with lunch or dinner on top of all the water I drink. I love the vitamins and the way that it hydrates. There’s huge benefits there.

And then there’s more: Tell me about the OJ and kombucha next to it? The OJ is a reward drink. I do that maybe once a week in the morning for vitamin C. I like the Trop 50 because it has less sugar and calories than the fresh squeezed. The kombucha is for cleansing and digestion.

We could talk about beverages forever…but I’m not seeing any alcohol. Do you drink any? I get slizzard from time to time. No, just kidding! I only drink socially, and it might be a glass of wine for dinner with friends. If it’s a cocktail, it’s going to be a clear one.

What in here would you eat for breakfast? I love making egg whites and spinach with smoked salmon or diced chicken breast. You get all of the protein and the textures are great. It’s protein and fiber that I live and die by. It’s also very filling, so I have energy for hours.

Do you normally make your lunch or eat out? I’m usually on the go, so I eat out, typically after a morning workout. There’s no rhyme or reason to where I go, I just make a smart choice. I like to go to Soho House or to The Peninsula and sit down for lunch, and often I have a meeting.

Fancy! Are you normally at home for dinner then? Yes, and I will cook like I’m on an island, with fish and whole grains or a smart carb like sweet potato, quinoa, or veggies. The majority of my plate is protein and then a smaller portion of veggies and a smart carb.

So no red meat for you? Red meat is a reward, like a petit filet or some lamb. I don’t do it every week, but I’ll go and have something like that at a restaurant. Another reward would be a great dessert like a slice of apple pie a la mode or maybe creme brulee. Forget about it! If I’m training for something I won’t do it, but if I’ve gone long enough, I’ll reward myself.

How does food as a reward work for you? Look at food as something that you reward yourself with and not something you do based on emotion. Food is something you should balance your life with.

Oh, and I have to ask, do people peek in your shopping cart? All the time. It never fails. I’m like, “You want something in here?” I love it though. I do my own shopping to see what’s out there and check out the product lines. I remember as a kid my mom used to pick up the squash and shake it. Being a part of that is important. —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit and check out his new book The Biggest Loser Bootcamp

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