Refrigerator Look Book: Eric Helms

Does the founder of Cooler Cleanse actually eat solids? We took look inside his fridge.
Eric Helms
Helms with Cooler Cleanse co-founder, Salma Hayek. Photo: Cooler Cleanse

Ever wonder if a cleanse company mogul subsists on juice alone? Well, we did. Which is why we caught up with Eric Helms, the brains behind Juice Generation and Cooler Cleanse to take a look in his fridge and see if he actually noshes…or just sips.

What’s that E3 Live stuff up top?
E3 is a blue-green algae loaded with vitamins and enzymes. It comes from Klamath Lake in Oregon, which has an incredibly high mineral concentration. You can buy it frozen and thaw it out in the refrigerator. I used to do a one-ounce shot of wheatgrass every morning, but now I do E3 Live instead. It gives me a huge boost of energy. And it’s healthier than a Red Bull.

And what about those two white things by the water filter jug? Um, what are they exactly?
Young coconuts from Thailand—I love them. They’re really easy to open and the water inside is incredibly hydrating, has no added sugar, and is filled with electrolytes. I usually drink one after going for a run in the morning.

Eric Helms Refrigerator

You’ve got a ton of fruits and vegetables. Have you always been such a healthy eater?
I tend to eat whatever is in the refrigerator when I’m hungry—so it helps to only stock it with healthy options. I’ve been trying to eat a lot healthier in the past year. My work schedule has gone crazy and I need to keep my energy level up.

It looks like the proportions of liquids to solids is slightly skewed. Occupational hazard?
I rarely eat at home—I haven’t used my oven in at least three years. Most of the things in my refrigerator are just to get me going in the morning, I don’t really like a heavy breakfast. I usually eat lunch at work and have dinner out—a great way to eliminate shopping for groceries!

Okay, so obviously you’re a big cleanse fan. Got any actual vices?
I love good beer—it’s my favorite thing to end the day with. I’m also a huge fan of Coconut Bliss, the most amazing non-dairy ice cream I’ve ever had.  I absolutely love it! —Catherine Pearson

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