Refrigerator Look Book: Joel Harper

The celeb trainer, and self-proclaimed non-stop eater, keeps a super-stocked fridge full of nut and seed butters, dark chocolate, and beer.
(Photo: Joel Harper)
(Photo: Joel Harper)


What’s different about training Dr. Oz compared to Olympic medalists or, say, 10-year-old kids?

“Nothing, they are all the same,” says celebrity New York City-based fitness trainer Joel Harper, who happens to have trained all three. “I love training people who are open to learning, know how to control the noise in their heads, and don’t mind doing the work. I try to get all my clients in this state.” As for diets, well, that’s where his clients’ preferences and needs change. (It’s harder to break the 10-year-olds from Froot Loops.)

What does the blue-eyed Adonis do to lead by example? Harper’s big on drinking a ton of water, green tea, and really cold beer in moderation (and his moderation is really moderate). And to fuel a game of tennis or a swim in his building, he eats some protein like hard boiled eggs, a couple of bites of chicken breast, or celery and Nuttzo, before and after a workout. Now there’s something to chew on. Here’s what else the trainer is gulping down.

Joel Harper Fridge It’s interesting to see whole milk. Does that mean you’re okay with full fat dairy? I love dairy and anything Organic Valley puts out. They have an amazing chocolate milk that’s great for post-workout. I don’t need to lose weight, so I mix up which fat version I choose.

Speaking of fats, Nuttzo (on the top left) is a great nut butter. What do you pair it with? Mostly a spoon.

Ha! Been there. Any other items in your fridge you can’t get enough of? Sun Butter, I discovered that last year. It’s made with sunflower seeds and it tastes incredible. I eat it with a banana, celery, or an apple. It’s one of my addictions.

Sounds delish. Your fridge is super stocked. Can you tell me what’s hiding in those two bottom drawers? The bottom left is coffee. I don’t drink it and don’t like it, but I do love the smell. It’s mostly for guests. The bottom right is dark chocolate. People send it to me all the time, because I am always raving about it and my mom loves it. She comes to NYC, makes meals, and raids that drawer. She loves it, too.

You’re quite the gracious host! I notice the Promax bars. Why do you like those? They’re an easy, great source of protein and taste amazing. My favorite is Lemon. It satisfies my sweet tooth.

I’m not seeing any alcohol. Do you drink? I drink beer, and I like it ice cold. It’s behind the flax milk. That’s the coldest place in my fridge. Beer is great in moderation. Maybe one or two a week.

That sure is moderation! I don’t see a lot of “food” food. What’s a quick weeknight dinner that you make? It is all on the counters—produce, that is. I get it at the farmer’s market and eat it fresh and at room temperature. I bike by every other day and load up my backpack. Last night I had a spinach salad with almonds, pears, blue cheese, carrots, celery, and oil and vinegar, followed by an amazing turkey bean chili that a client gave me. I go to a lot of people’s homes and they know what a big eater I am and are always giving me food. I eat nonstop. —Jamie McKillop

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