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yoga celebrity Kristin McGeeWe waved down Kristin McGee for a chat as she rolled in from a yoga private with Christine Taylor (aka Mrs. Ben Stiller).

When the busy New York City yogi isn’t training celeb clients and elite athletes, making appearances on national television, or creating fitness DVDs, she enjoys downtime with her husband, Timothy, and her friends.

And delicious food—often of the Mexican variety—accompanies. So you may notice a certain pattern in the food she stocks in her fridge. Take a look:

This looks like an on-the-go fridge! Do you ever cook?
Most days, I’m out teaching, so I don’t eat lunch at home. For quick lunches, I love to spread jam and organic nut butters on Ezekiel bread (my favorite because it’s a high-fiber sprouted grain bread). Sometimes I’ll grab a bag of baby carrots and an apple so I’m always prepared if I get hungry. Dinner is out with my husband or I’ll meet a girlfriend after work.

I see a big stack of corn tortillas on the bottom shelf. What do you make with them?
I love that you can fill corn tortillas with anything—like healthy antioxidant packed black beans. I’ll use grass-fed beef to make yummy tacos. I also like cutting up the tortillas and making homemade chips. I’ll also use the tortillas for an egg wrap for breakfast on the weekend.

what yogis eat Kristin McGee

What’s in the Tupperware?
I made a delicious pico de gallo the other night, with red cabbage and cilantro.

So it’s safe to say you’re a fan of Mexican food?
Mexican food is the best! It can be so flavorful without having to add much salt or fat. And the fat you get from avocados is the healthy kind. I could eat a bowl of guacamole any night of the week. I love dipping jicama, carrots, and celery sticks in it.

Mexican spices like cumin, cilantro, and cayenne are all great—they rev up your metabolism. Plus tacos are just so much fun to eat with your hands, and can be whipped up in seconds.

Looks like you also love your yogurt. Is it your go-to breakfast?
Definitely. It’s quick and easy, and I’ll even throw some of the flavored Greek yogurt in the freezer for a cool treat or dessert in the summer. Sometimes I’ll use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I like that it has a lot of protein.

What’s your favorite source of protein?
I eat a ton of fish. I love adding sardines or salmon to pasta. If I could eat salmon every day, I would. I’m also starting to eat more red meat because of all the physical activity I do. When I have a vegetarian meal, I like tofu and dark leafy greens for protein.

Tell us a little about the Barlean’s greens? Love that brand.
When I’m feeling run down, the greens give me a healthy energy boost. I’ll add it to a protein shake or just plain water. Sometimes I’ll swap it out for coffee.

Kombucha spotted! When do you drink it?
I like Kombucha, wine, or beer at home with dinner sometimes. And Kombucha is also perfect for a pick-me-up mid-afternoon or I’ll have it with lunch if I have a big teaching day.

What’s your favorite nutrition advice you give clients?
Always make time for breakfast. I always start my day with a Greek yogurt, berries, and flax seed and chia seeds or I’ll do some quick eggs. Keep your fridge stocked for this meal! —Jennifer Kass

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