Refrigerator Look Book: Kym Perfetto

The SoulCycle master instructor (and creator of Soul Bands) stocks her fridge with four types of hummus and never buys Half & Half. Did we mention her killer abs?
SoulCycle instructor Kym Perfetto
SoulCycle's Kym Perfetto likes her hummus (Photo: Andrew Kaufman)

Kym Perfetto, SoulCycle master instructor and creator of Soul Bands, is known for her rocking abs and over-the-top entertaining classes.

We love watching the former competitive cyclist and hip-hop dancer bop around the studio while demanding that her students spit out their gum.

We caught up with this sexy, spunky school marm, who lives in a Bed-Stuy brownstone with three roommates, to see how she stocks her fridge.

You’ve got three or four containers of hummus in there. Are you trying to corner the market?
One is jalapeno, one is plain, one is lentil hummus, and one is a re-used container filled with zucchini hummus (recipe on my blog). I like choices! Hummus is always on my grocery list and is one of the healthier dipping options for veggies.

We didn’t peg you as a Coffeemate consumer. Is that yours or one of your roommates?
The Coffeemate is definitely not mine! Gross. I drink coffee black with cinnamon or sometimes with a little Half & Half if it’s around. I never buy it.

I see that you have a lot of your veggies in plastic bags. Is that some genius cleaning and organizing system? And what do you do with all the greens?
I prefer to keep veggies visible and up front for those times when I’m just looking for something to eat. That way it’s the first thing I see, and I’d have to reach beyond them to get to something else. Often I eat my veggies raw: peppers, carrots, cukes, and kale. We mysteriously received a juicer in the mail last week! So now I juice my veggies, too! [This just in: it’s a present from my old roommate, Josh.]

What’s in the plastic container to the left of the yogurt?
Fresh local sea scallops. I ate them over salad just after the photograph was taken.

I’ve never seen Salpica salsa before. Is that a favorite of yours? What do you do with it?
Salpica is tasty on everything. I like it with eggs and it’s preservative-free. My dad always made his own salsa. And he also put it on everything. His favorite thing to do was make a big pot of couscous, and stir a cup of his salsa into the mix to add flavor and moisture.

I spy two Coronas on the top shelf? Is that your post-workout recovery beverage?
Or carb-loading for the next big day!

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