Refrigerator Look Book: Lauren Slayton

The New York nutritionist's approach to healthy eating includes a slew of condiments and a "veggie garage."

Lauren Slayton Foodtrainers founder Lauren Slayton, MS, RD, doesn’t make laundry lists of dietary restrictions for her clients or for herself. Instead, she’s focused on food quality.

“Everything is well-sourced—I take that to the extreme,” she says. “I love finding the best nut butter, the best hot sauce. Every bite counts.”

When stocking her Upper West Side fridge, Slayton is also concerned with her 9- and 11-year-old sons. “It’s very important to me that instead of a snack drawer, they can come in and grab a berry basket or a sweet potato, and it deters them from grabbing a cracker or a cookie,” she explains.

She’ll share more of her nutrition secrets in her first book, The Little Book of Thin, which will debut in January 2014. In the meantime, we got a sneak peek at her home approach to healthy eating, which includes a slew of condiments and a veggie garage. (Not kidding.)

That vegetable container is really cool. Is it made for storing veggies like that? We call it the veggie garage! It’s actually made for a picnic—you can put ice underneath and travel with it, but I’ve found that it allows for more inventory than individual containers. We get a farm box once a week, and I’ll usually just replenish it when I’m cooking dinner. My kids can just pull it out and have snap peas or cucumbers with a dip or nut butter. It literally comes out every day after school.

Lauren Slayton Fridge Speaking of nut butter, you have a ton of condiments. I feel like condiments are the spice of life! They’re very kid-friendly, like the Chia Nut Butter and Peanut Butter and Co. flavors. I also make a lot of our dressings and sauces. I use the miso in a salad dressing, the anchovies in a kale salad. The Bubbies sauerkraut—I put it on everything.

Tell me about the sheep’s milk yogurt. Why do you prefer it over regular yogurt? First, I love the taste. I think a lot of people think that sheep and goat products are lower in lactose, but it’s not the lactose that’s the big differing factor, it’s that the type of casein (milk protein) is different. That’s what makes it a lot more digestible. It also has higher levels of the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that you’d find in coconut oil.

Interesting. You also have lots of different beverages going on. I’m not the best straight-up water drinker, so we always have a pitcher of some sort of tea. The pink one you see is a David’s Tea, I think it has beet in it. But I’ll do coconut water, the Runa tea, or the Tumeric tonic—I like a fun drink.

What about the aloe juice? Do you drink it straight? It’s not, um, the most appetizing. I do a shot of it in the evening for digestion. It helps keep things moving, I really feel the difference. It doesn’t taste good, but I’m not afraid of dealing with it in the name of feeling good. Likewise, I’ll do a shot of E3, a healthy algae, in the morning, which is great for energy and concentration.

You’re braver than I am! It looks like you have a big Tupperware of cooked rice. Is that something you make at the beginning of the week? I think that was a brown rice and meatloaf, in the foil, that we made for dinner. I double every recipe I make so that we always have leftovers to grab the next day. I’ve found that if I put everything out on the table, everyone will go for seconds and sit around and pick at it, even if they’re full. The trick is to put the extras in the glass container and into the fridge right away, so you don’t eat it just because it’s there. —Lisa Elaine Held

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