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Refrigerator Look Book: Max Goldberg

Max Goldberg food bloggerMax Goldberg is used to people paying attention to what he eats. He started his blog, a guide to organic eating and living called Living in 2009, after completely giving up drinking, smoking, and years of antidepressants. Now thousands of loyal readers draw inspiration from his food choices on his site and on Twitter.

Around 2001, “I started to get very serious about what I was putting into my body in terms of food,” says Goldberg. “Ever since then, I’ve just been constantly learning, every single day. It’s my real passion.”

Here’s what the passionate organic foodie keeps in his fridge:

Wow! I expected your fridge to be super-stocked, but it’s actually sparse. Why?
I go food shopping every single day. Weekends, I’m shopping two or three times a day. First, you can’t buy organic fruits and vegetables on Monday and think they’re going to last till Sunday. Second, I love food shopping—looking at the food, touching the food, talking to the people who sell it. A lot of women love shoe shopping—I love food shopping. Plus, there’s a great organic market just one block from my house—Integral Yoga Natural Foods.

You mentioned you had kale and celery for juicing. Do you juice on your own a lot?
I juice on my own three or four times a week. And then if I’m not juicing at home, I’ll buy pressed organic juice. I go to Organic Avenue a lot, since it’s close to my office and my apartment.  My favorite combo in a juice is celery, radishes, and asparagus.

Max Goldberg RefrigeratorAre you vegan?
I’m organic. I stand for organic.

Right, but do you eat meat and dairy?
If I do eat meat, it’s only grass-fed organic. There are never any hormones. I eat very little dairy—yogurt once in a while. I don’t eat fish or white meat.

Why beef over fish or white meat? That’s different.
I don’t eat fish because of the mercury, but I do take cod liver capsules. I don’t eat white meat because they’re estrogen-producing animals.

What do you do for protein? It seems like if you were only eating what’s in your fridge, you wouldn’t get nearly enough calories or protein.
I eat a lot of quinoa and millet, and green vegetables do have protein—people don’t know that. We’re over-proteined in our society.

What is E3 live?
It’s an aqua botanical. It comes frozen, and it’s a liquid. It’s a blue green algae from a lake in Oregon, and it’s an incredible source of minerals and nutrients.

Your fridge is 100 percent organic and insanely healthy. Do you ever stray?
I don’t take a vacation from organic foods—I just don’t view it that way. I’ll eat organic ice cream if I feel like it, but I don’t view that as a guilty pleasure. The raw organic chocolate I eat tastes amazing. I know I’m kind of an anomaly.

Which New York City restaurants get the Living Maxwell organic seal of approval?
One Lucky Duck, Sacred Chow, Souen, and Gusto Organics. Also, one of my favorite places is The Green Table in Chelsea Market. And I also go to Caravan of Dreams. —Lisa Elaine Held