Refrigerator Look Book: Meghan Reynolds

Well+Good brings you a new kind of look book—an exclusive sneak peek into the refrigerators of New Yorkers. Meet Meghan Reynolds, the marathon-runner with a sweet tooth.

Meghan Reynolds Lululemon Look Book
Meghan Reynolds models her new Lululemon running mits

Well+Good brings you a new kind of look book—an exclusive sneak peek into the refrigerators of New Yorkers.

MEGHAN REYNOLDS can often be found corralling runners, inspiring new yogis, and outfitting Brooklynites in the latest fitness fashion from her post at the Park Slope showroom of Lululemon. The 32-year old runner and Boerum Hill resident is training for her ninth marathon—her first New York City Marathon and a goal time of 3:25—and is packing in yoga and CrossFit classes all the while, if you can believe it! (Check out her blog at Because we know fitness superheroes are made, not born, we asked to take a peek inside Reynolds’s fridge. Boy, are we glad we did and to learn of her human trait: a sweet tooth.

Wow, your fridge is full of fruit! Are you eating anything deliberating to get ready for the New York City Marathon?
I eat more protein when I’m doing high mileage and a lot of intensity. A nutritionist told me that quinoa is as near a complete protein as meat, so I incorporate lots of quinoa into my daily meals and I eat a lot of ahi tuna.
Meghan Reynolds Lululemon Refrigerator Look Book
How often do you eat?
My nickname is “Snacks.” I always seem to have food or want food! I pretty much eat 3 meals a day and probably have 2 or 3 snacks.

What do you eat before and after a run?
Before long runs (more than 13 miles) I eat oatmeal or a Cliff Bar with a small cup of weak coffee and about 20 ounces of water. On shorter runs, I don’t really do anything special. Maybe a banana or a scoop of almond butter from the jar.

After a long run, three scrambled eggs (just one or two yokes) with spinach, tomatoes, and salsa on a whole-wheat wrap, or maybe indulge on a bagel. After the marathon, I’m looking forward to chocolate chip pancakes and mimosas.

Speaking of recovery beverages, what about Gatorade?
I use Nuun electrolyte tablets. It’s my new favorite. I have a coconut water after a run, too.

For someone who’s an admitted snacker, I don’t see that many in your fridge. Are you cutting back right now?
I tend to stay away from white-flour carbs and alcohol. In fact, I stop drinking alcohol altogether about 3 weeks out from a marathon. But I do love desserts, hence the York Peppermint Patties. One of my favorite snacks is chips, salsa, and guacamole. You don’t see it here, because I just can’t keep any of it in the house. I have no portion control where chips are concerned.

Meghan Reynolds Lululemon Look Book Cupboard
Meghan Reynolds' cupboard

Is running kind of a caloric free pass to eat what you’d like?
I wish! In my 20s, it totally was! I always dropped weight really quickly. But now, in my 30s, it’s changed. Or, it could be that my body is so used to me running—this will be my 9th marathon—that it’s just not that efficient. I’m actually trying to lose 5 lbs before the NYC Marathon. I would say that I monitor what I eat during the week, and then I eat what I want after long runs.

PS: Meghan wanted readers to know that every Lululemon in New York City will be having pre- and post-marathon in-store classes. Look for them on the evening of Friday, November 5, on Saturday, November 6, and on Monday, November 9. Expect foam rollers!

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