Refrigerator Look Book: Stacey Griffith

The SoulCycle master instructor has a mega-following of devoted cyclists—and a love for Smartwater and green juice.

Stacey Griffith Master instructor Stacey Griffith was a part of SoulCycle before the cult brand even existed. “I met [co-founder] Elizabeth Cutler before they even opened, and I waited and waited for them to open!” she remembers.

When they did, she was one of the first instructors on a bike and played a huge role in developing the dynamic, motivational style that made the cycling giant a huge hit. “I always called my classes the ‘cardio party,’ and then every class became the cardio party,” she jokes.

Fast-forward to 2014, and she’s developed her own mega-following, making it nearly impossible to get into her classes today. Her students hang on her every word and cue, and look to her as a role model for living a healthy, inspired life—from the cycling studio to the kitchen.

“I try to tell my students that if you want the class to show up on your body, if you want the hard work to live in your muscles, you have to make clean food choices,” she says. For her, balance is key, especially since she went sober many years ago (the white wine in her fridge is for guests!), swapping alcohol for tons of Smartwater and green juice. We found out what else she’s eating and drinking at home.

It looks like you’re a big fan of Juice Press. I love everything about Juice Press as a product and philosophy! There’s something to be said about cold-pressed juices. Every nutrient is captured and bottled and delivered to you fresh. People think that if they drink “fresh” juice it’s fine, but it’s not all of the nutrients. All of the nutrients are in the garbage can. The owner, Marcus Antebi, is amazing. He’s my food guru. He knows more about food and nutrition than anyone I know, and he learned it from this amazing doctor. If I could pick one store to live on for the rest of my life, it would be Juice Press.

Stacey Griffith Fridge Do you have juice favorites? Before a workout, I love the Ginger Fireball. It makes your body warm so you start sweating as you’re drinking it. I love the Doctor Green Juice, I love the Pretty in Pink. I also live on Smartwater. I drink four or five of those bottles a day. To me, the taste of the water is one of the best. When you drink water all day long, you get an acquired taste! If you lined up six or seven waters, I could tell you which is the Smartwater.

We’ll have to test you some time. You also have a lot of fruit. Do you prefer it over veggies? My girlfriend’s children don’t snack on bad food; the fruits are there for the kids. I do love grapes and apples, but honestly my go-to when I reach for something if I’m hungry is really a liquid reach. I reach for the juice. And there are these things called flax seed chips from Eli’s that I love. I also love to just grab a spoon of peanut butter. An old trainer taught me that. It’s really high in protein. Natural peanut butter is probably better than the Jif I have in there, of course.

And what do you usually eat for dinner when you go out? How careful are you at restaurants about clean choices? I’ll usually order the salad, like a kale salad, and I’m a big chicken eater, so I’ll order grilled chicken. I try to gravitate towards fish. Salmon is so good for you, but my grandmother used to force-feed it to me, so I have a really hard time eating it. She would can it and try every single way to use it. I swear to you I remember trying salmon ice cream. If there’s a good branzino or Chilean sea bass, I’ll order that instead. —Lisa Elaine Held

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