Refrigerator Look Book: Will Torres

The sought-after trainer-owner of WillSpace drinks pH-balanced water, loves bell peppers, and has a weakness for yogurt-covered pretzels.

Will Torres Will Torres is one of New York’s most high profile personal trainers, and at his renowned Greenwich Village studio WillSpace, he trains clients like Bravo’s main man Andy Cohen and “Real Housewives of New York” star Heather Thompson.

To keep himself fiercely fit, Torres looks to his meals—full of superfoods like quinoa and sweet potatoes—to add extra “oomph” to his workouts.

“I found that the better I eat, the more energy I have, so I workout harder,” Torres says. “About 60 percent of my diet is plant based, and then the rest is protein and carbs.” (And a few yogurt-covered pretzels.) Torres gave us a look at the goods in his fridge:

You have a gorgeous selection of produce. What’s in store for the six bell peppers in the refrigerator drawer? I do a few things with bell peppers. I have a mandolin slicer, which is the best little gadget for the kitchen. I slice the bell peppers and I put them in my salad. I also chop them up into one-inch pieces and instead of having chips and guacamole, I have peppers and guacamole. It’s super good. It cleanses everything and they’re really delicious.

I can’t quite tell what the green, leafy bunch is next to the tomatoes. Can you share? That’s parsley. I chop it up really fine and add it to turkey burgers. I also make a red quinoa pilaf that I add parsley to.

Will Torres Refrigerator fitness trainer

You recently told us that you started adding l-glutamine to your green drinks. What else goes into your daily drinks? First thing in the morning, I mix a scoop of green powder, like Doc Broc’s Power Plants, and a scoop of FiberSmart in water and I drink that. The green powder is just freeze dried greens. It’s hard to get used to in the beginning. It doesn’t really taste great. But it cleanses the body and helps bring it back to balance after detoxifying all night. The FiberSmart is really great. It has extra fiber obviously, but it also has the glutamine in it. I notice it really helps regulate my stomach and I feel good. It’s sort of become a habit. So I do that first thing in the morning, and then I take my multivitamin, and my calcium magnesium zinc.

What’s the ginger drink on the top shelf? That’s Q Ginger from Whole Foods. It’s an organic ginger ale. The ingredients are really good. It’s sweetened with agave, has ginger, and is low in calories. I’ll use it with vodka to make cocktails.

Ah ha, a vice! What about the Mountain Valley bottled water in the door. Are there any reasons why you like that particular brand? A lot of our drinking water is not pH balanced and is acidic. Mountain Valley’s water has minerals in it that make it less acidic, so your body can absorb the water better, and it brings your body back into balance. It can get expensive just drinking the Mountain Valley, so I also put pH drops in my regular drinking water to make the water pH balanced.

Are any foods off limits when you are looking to tone your body? I don’t have dairy at all. Dairy is really bloating and is over-consumed. One of the things I’m concerned about is the source of my food. If the source is cows that aren’t really being taken care of, and all they’re doing is being trapped in a facility making milk that’s used for yogurt and for cheese, we get all of that in our bodies. So that’s a no for me.

No dairy? What about those yogurt-covered pretzels? One of my downfalls! Okay, ninety-five percent of the time, I don’t have dairy. My kryptonite is yogurt-covered pretzels. I just love them. When I want to treat myself, I’ll have a handful. —Amy Eley

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