Refrigerator Look Book: Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss

The BluePrint Cleanse founders are raw by day and "real New Yorkers" by night. They explain what's in their fridge—and a very large batch of McDonalds' receipts.
Blueprint Cleanse founders fridge
Blueprint Cleanse founders Zoe and Erica in the kitchen

Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss are the founders of BluePrint Cleanse. The two have built a budding empire on juice cleansing for people who aren’t perfect. Just like them: The two eat at great restaurants several nights a week, but during the day they eat “95 percent raw” and sip juice. They opened the door to their work fridge— where admittedly their diet is the cleanest—and explain how an influx of McDonalds receipts appeared in the reimbursements one week last year…

There are a lot of BPC items in the fridge. Is that typical?
Erica: Right now there are a few Juice Till Dinner extras in there. It’s either product extras, or brand-new items from the kitchen for us to test—we really fill up on those during the day, which is good because our offices are in bad neighborhood for healthy takeout.
Zoe: There’s always juice available in our fridge, though. It’s kind-of a take what you want situation.

BluePrint Cleanse diet

Are there any meat or dairy items in there?
Erica: Not by our own design—or rules. If someone from the team of 10 or 12 of us who use this fridge is having a turkey sandwich, say, it might be in there. Lot’s of people make salad—it’s reached a level of elaborate mixing of ingredients brought in separate containers.

Is that what the lemon’s for? Salad dressing?
Zoe: Yes, literally you will see a couple staffers making dressing from scratch. Erica: Patrick in HR is amazing with his groceries and his dressings. But some people add lemon to green juice to take the edge off, and it’s always a good way to alkalize bottle of water at your desk.

So is there coffee on people’s desks or juice?
Erica: You’ll see both. No one here is perfect. Hey, I like coffee! But there is a lot of cashew and green juice on desks in the morning here, yes.

And are people adding agave to it? You’re not concerned about the research?
Zoe: There’s still a lot of research to do. It’s still pretty good sweetener option, all things considered.
Erica: To some degree you can’t be on an absolute quest for perfection in every area. That’s not really balanced. You do what you can, when you can.

So does everyone in the office eat well?
Erica: Once, about a year ago, Zoe and I were away on business for a week, and we came back to all these reimbursement receipts from McDonalds. We were like, “We go away for one week and everyone orders McDonalds!”
Zoe: This probably wouldn’t happen now, though, to be fair. A lot of our staff has overhauled their eating habits and has a different mentality now. But it makes it a great story. —Melisse Gelula

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