The one habit for better sleep you might have overlooked

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You know that sleep is essential for good health, and you’ve tried everything: munching on sleep-enhancing superfoods, popping some melatonin, banning screens from the bedroom, and getting sleep tips from Arianna Huffington (she’s serious about it).

It turns out there’s a super easy, science-backed method for improving your snoozing, and it’s probably one you haven’t considered: sleeping naked. Not only can it help you clock those prescribed seven to eight hours, but it can seriously improve the quality of your zzz’s, too. So prepare to say adios to your trusty pajama set—it’s just not necessary.

Read on for three benefits of going to bed in the buff.

1. It’s cooler.

According to past research, you get better—AKA deeper—sleep when you have a lower body temperature. So when your skin is cool from not wearing anything (ever felt the heavenly sensation of cold sheets?), it’ll be easier for your body to drift into a quality sleep.

“Body temperature drops as we fall asleep and remains low until it rises in the morning prior to awakening, thus ideal bedroom environments are colder. But in some cases, the sleeper may not have total control of the bedroom environment,” says Nate Watson, MD, a scientific advisor for SleepScore Labs and professor of neurology at the University of Washington. “In instances such as these, the sleeper can moderate body temperature by removing the blankets and sheets from the bed and sleeping naked.”

2. It may boost your metabolism.

A study done in 2014 showed that cool temperatures alter your body fat and metabolism. Lowering your body temperature by sleeping naked will do that, by burning calories as your body attempts to keep warm. It’s kind of like the best workout ever.

3. It helps with intimacy.

Sleeping nude not only benefits your body—it can help with your relationship as well. Having intimacy issues? Hit the sack without any clothes on, which can trigger a release of oxytocin, AKA “the love hormone.”

And if nudity isn’t your thing, just make sure your PJs are made out of breathable material (bye, synthetics). The cooler you feel, the deeper you’ll sleep.

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