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The race for spin studio dominance....

The Soul Cycle vs. Flywheel rivalry reaches Yankees and Mets proportions with Soul Cycle’s announcement that they’re opening a new studio on East 18th Street. They currently have three city studios:  Tribeca (the flagship), the Upper West Side, and the Upper East Side, which attract a sinewy, scene-y crowd of cyclists that include magazine editors, fashion designers, and Ms. Chelsea Clinton.

According to Crain’s, the new 2,800-square-foot space includes ample room for a street level studio, as well as a second basement studio. Soul Cycle’s fourth city location is slated to open just after the New Year, just in time to ride your way to a New Year’s Resolution.

Just 5 minutes away on 21st Street, Flywheel Sports, run by one-time Soul Cycle owner Ruth Zukerman, is trying to build a cycling community around its athletically minded workouts. This raises the question, will Flywheel, which has two locations, open a third near Soul Cycle’s Tribeca temple? If not, Soul Cycle is definitely winning the race for spin studio domination.