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SoulCycle for Homeless PeopleYesterday, The Crosby Street Press discovered TV personality Fabrizio Goldstein teaching a stationary cycling class on docked CitiBikes in the East Village, which he’s calling “SoulCycle for Homeless People.”

Goldstein, who goes by “The Fat Jew,” is not the first person to figure out that the bikes’ wheels still spin while they’re docked—people around the city have been hopping on them to take advantage of free spinning (rocking playlists and hand weights not included).

The Fat Jew SoulCycle

Goldstein says in the video that his motivation is the high price of cycling classes in New York ($34/class!). “I want the homeless people of New York to have the opportunity to have sick bodies, they could have really gorgeous bodies,” he explains.

While the social media world has been rejoicing in the video’s many hilarious levels of satire, Goldstein insists he’s being serious.

 Watch the video: