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Sun In Bloom to open a second vegan restaurant in Tribeca

The Park Slope fave for vegan, gluten-free, and raw food dishes is bringing its healthy concept to Manhattan.
(Photo Credit: Kate Lewis)
(Photo: Kate Lewis)


Park Slope’s Sun In Bloom is the Brooklyn neighborhood favorite for vegan, gluten-free, and raw food dishes, and it’s now set to bring its healthy concept to Manhattan.

The second location is expected to open on the corner of Church and Reade Streets in Tribeca on January 2, and unlike its cozy sit-down restaurant in Brooklyn, it’ll be dedicated to take-out. Despite the difference, founder Aimee Follette says the concept, food, and feel will be one hundred percent reminiscent of the Bergen Street spot.

(Photo Credit: Kate Lewis)
(Photo: Kate Lewis)

“For everyone who knows Sun In Bloom, it will feel familiar,” she explains. “The menu is my Sun In Bloom menu. And all of the food will be made fresh daily in Tribeca. We’ll be doing everything from cold-pressed organic juices to macro dishes and hot plates for takeaway.”

It will also feature an extensive coffee menu with fair-trade, organic beans and drinks like lattes made with cashew and almond milks.  Plus raw food options and a selection of vegan and gluten-free baked goods.

Follette says she’s focused on making sure Sun In Bloom’s food-made-with-love message stays intact across the river and resonates there, and if it does, she’d love to keep expanding the brand further.

“My original goal was to make clean, nourishing, energizing, whole food accessible to as many people as I can reach,” she says. “I’ve always been living within that vision—it’s just a matter of how do I get there?” —Lisa Elaine Held

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