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Lumo Lift, a new fitness- and posture-tracking device, want to make sure you're not slouching at your desk and walking tall.

lumo-lift_posture_appEver wonder what it would be like to have a fitness trainer and Pilates instructor follow you around all day? Well, unless you have a very hefty budget (or are on a reality TV show), this new tracker might be the next best thing.

Lumo Lift, a fitness- and posture-tracking device that launched last week, is like a Nike FuelBand meets nagging Pilates teacher app. It records your steps, calories, and distance, and also helps you with your posture. When you slouch, it vibrates so you remember to sit up straight (imagine Brooke Siler hovering over your desk).

“Studies have shown that strong, open poses not only make you appear more confident to others, but actually make you feel more confident. Lift is the only wearable device that monitors your upper body position while providing real time feedback to ensure confident posture to help you improve your life, all while tracking steps, calories and distance,” say Lumo BodyTech’s co-founders Charles Wang, MD, and Monisha Perkash.

You wear the tracker (about $100), a small square, like a pin. It has a magnetic clasp, so you can stick it to your top (without wrecking it) or you can hide it under your clothes.

There are also colorful covers available (think: iPhone cases for your tracker). It then syncs with your phone, via an app, and tells you how your posture is improving, how many steps you’ve taken, and how many calories you’ve burned.

Hopefully your co-workers won’t be able to hear the vibrations… —Molly Gallagher

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