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Montauk Juice Factory
You can picture your juice cleanse arriving by this cute bike to your door all the way from Montauk—even though it’ll arrive by van. (Photo: Montauk Juice Factory)

Montauk Juice Factory was a huge hit during its first season serving cold-pressed bottles like Green Mama and Liquid Sunshine to the throngs of beach-goers that flood the trendy town each summer.

And the company is now following those customers home (while still taking care of locals!), with the launch of Manhattan juice cleanse deliveries next week. (Online ordering will be available starting on October 18.)

“When we decided to launch our storefront, we always imagined being able to get all of our raw, cold-pressed juices into New York City,” says co-founder and CEO Bret Caretsky, who left the employee benefits world for the “personal passion” of spreading better health through juice.

The cleanses come in four varieties—Detox, Revive, Nourish, and Glow—and can be purchased for a span of one to seven days (at $70 per day). Juices will be made fresh at the Montauk store and transported to Manhattan via van, so maybe every now and then, you’ll taste just a hint of happiness-inducing sea salt and sand-between-the-toes?

“Everyone daydreams about the beach all week, even when they’re at home or at their desks,” Caretsky reasons, “and our product is meant for those that want to live healthy, drink fresh, and pass on the good beach vibes of Montauk.” You’ll likely need them come January. —Lisa Elaine Held

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