The Loop: A meditational sexercise from Jill Blakeway

Learn to clear sex-time mental chatter and intensify your orgasms in five easy steps.

sex meditation

Meditation can be a serious sex life booster, and Jill Blakeway’s new book, Sex Again: Recharge Your Libido, includes lots of techniques to get you started.

This one, which Blakeway calls “The Loop,” is the first stage in learning to circulate sexual energy. It helps to clear sex-time mental chatter and intensify your orgasms, explains the sex and fertility expert.

“It’s the key to a deeper energetic connection with your partner, which is something we all want. But it’s also the key to more sensation—and more full-body sensation,” Blakeway says. Seriously, she’s not making this up.”When I finally took the time to do this I thought, ‘Oh gosh! I should have tried this earlier. Who knew?!'”

Here are Blakeway’s instructions, from Sex Again, for learning to “loop.”

1. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Imagine a shallow bowl nestled inside your pelvis—a bowl filled with warm oil. Now imagine a tube or straw running along your spine.

2. Inhale, and as you do, imagine the warm oil coursing up through the tube, as if led by your breath, moving from your pelvic area up to the very top of your head. Hold your breath in for a count of three (or five, as you get more experienced).

3. Then exhale, imagining the warm oil flowing down, along a line in the center of the front of your body, from your head through your mouth, across your chest, down through your abdomen, and back into the bowl in your pelvis.

4. Hold your breath out as the bowl finishes filling, then after three to five seconds begin again with an inhale. The idea is to create a continuous loop—and run through it about six times.

5. With practice, you can learn to do this loop with your partner, synchronizing your breathing so one person breathes in as the other breathes out. Expert “loopers” learn to do this exercise while they’re having sex, timing the breathing and energetic exchange with the rhythm of intercourse.

Nailing this could be a fun New Year’s resolution.

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