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Blossom's gourmet vegan cuisine will be one of the many offered at The Seed.


This weekend, China Study devotees and pork-taco-Tuesday lovers alike are invited to The Seed, an all-things-vegan event, food fair, lecture series, and low-key tradeshow, in Soho.

“This is a comprehensive event where vegans, omnivores, skeptics, and the vegan-curious can gather to revel in every aspect of a plant-based lifestyle,” says co-founder Erin Red. “And at a pivotal time, too—veganism has truly made its way into the mainstream.”

The $20 ticket ($30 for both days) gets you access to over 80 food vendors, including vegan hot spots like Gingersnap’s Organic and Candle 79, screenings of documentaries like Vegucated, lectures from vegan celebs and experts like Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Rich Roll, and Jivamukti yoga classes. Proceeds from the event benefit Mercy for Animals and the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food.

Just be sure to leave your leather bag at home. —Jenna Holt

The Seed, Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17, 82 Mercer St., (between Spring and Broome), 2nd Floor, Soho, $20 for one day, $30 for two,