This Week in Wellness: RIP Fashion’s Night Out, competitive yoga, and more

We’ll keep you in-the-know with this weekly round-up of the most important wellness news.
Sorry, Anna. No more FNO. (Photo:
Anna Wintour’s fashion-industry–boosting event has now been tabled. (Photo:

Don’t be the only one at the office this week who doesn’t know which new fitness studio just opened (and is flooded with celebrities) or where that new vegan hotspot is.

We’ll keep you in-the-know with this weekly round-up of the most important wellness news—including fitness and yoga studio openings, juice cleanses, better beauty news, and more. reported that the annual Fashion’s Night Out has officially been canceled for 2013. The official reason was stated as allowing brands to allocate their resources to more important projects, but the unruly mobs of last year probably also played a part in the decision.

Super-strong, bendy yogis will go head-to-head (and toe) this weekend at the 2013 USA Yoga Asana Championship at the Hudson Theatre. Last year’s champ, Jared McCann, was a New Yorker. We’re hoping for another hometown win. (Is that un-yogic?)

In other strange-things-to-compete-in news, the USA Memory Championship will take place on March 16 at the ConEd Building in New York City, where “mental athletes” will challenge champ Nelson Dellis.

Michelle Obama celebrated the one-year anniversary of her health living initiative, “Let’s Move,” by busting a move on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Priti Sherbet In yoga studio news: Yoga High expanded its class offerings, thanks to its new, larger space, Yo Yoga reached its funding goal to renovate its roof deck for the coming summer, and Laughing Lotus introduced a new Level 1 class starting in March.

And yoga-in-schools charity Bent on learning is launching a Yoga Professionals Committee, with a kickoff event on March 6 at the Jill Platner studio for those those looking to get involved .

Natural nail polish fave Priti is launching a fun spring collection this month based on Sherbet colors. Summer can’t come soon enough!

Want to know what else is new and noteworthy in natural beauty? We shared our favorite beauty products for March in this new section.

As One is debuting a Mud Race Training program for the thousands of New Yorkers who are now hooked on crawling through mud, scaling rocks, and hopping fire in the name of fitness.

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