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Kimberly fowler
Kimberly Fowler will be teaching free classes this weekend in Southampton. (Photo: Flickr/Yoga for Athletes)

Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness tidbits, healthy hints, and new places and products that caught our eye. Remember, you heard it here first.

Happy Friday!

Oldie but goodie. 92-year-old Grand Master yogi Tao Porchon-Lynch will be teaching a master class at Integral Yoga Institute tomorrow afternoon. We’re guessing she has buckets of wisdom to spare.

Spinning meets boot camp. We knew this day would come. This weekend, Soul Cycle is launching HIIT, an 8-week on-and-off bike conglomeration of spinning, strength training, and calisthenics available only at their East Hampton location.

Kids these days. GrowNYC announced the opening of 12 Youthmarket farm stands, where city kids are given summer jobs to help bring fresh, healthy produce to underserved communities. Now that’s a resume builder.

Anatomically correct. We checked out Kinected’s innovative FAMI workshop this weekend, where yoga and Pilates instructors from 8 countries and 15 states subjected themselves to a 4-day mini-med-school anatomy intensive at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Here’s to movement professionals who really know how your body works.

Hamptons charity yoga? Prevention magazine’s pop-up yoga studio in Southampton features all-free yoga classes on weekends in July with A-list yogis. This weekend: Yoga for Athletes with Kimberly Fowler. Because, you know, Hamptonites clearly need fitness financial aid.

A mat with a plan. This update is yoga-heavy, so you may need a new mat to balance on. This new one has diagrams of 48 poses drawn directly on it. It sure looks cute, but will the little silhouette people actually improve your practice? Let us know if you’ve given it a test stretch.