Tony Horton takes 7-Eleven’s healthy food options from zero to ripped

Now offered alongside that electric-blue Slurpee at 7-Eleven? Tony Horton Kitchen cold-pressed juices and spicy quinoa salad.
(Photo: TOM IVICEVIC, 711)
Now healthy types stopping into a 7-Eleven never have to call unsalted peanuts and banana lunch. (Photo: TOM IVICEVIC, 711)

Let’s play a quick word association game: I say “7-Eleven” and in response you might say “blue Slurpee,” or “midnight munchies,” or ‘”cold-pressed green juice,” or “spicy quinoa salad.” Okay, you probably wouldn’t say those last two, but if Tony Horton (of P90X fame) and Raja Doddala (7-Eleven’s senior director of Innovation) have their way, you soon will.

Last week the world’s largest convenience store chain debuted a line of sandwiches, salads, wraps and cold-pressed juices from the Tony Horton Kitchen (THK) at 100 of its Los Angeles locations in an attempt to lure a more health-conscious crowd. Or perhaps to help convert some Doritos Loaded fans to the dark (leafy-green) side.

“Customers are looking for healthier options on the go,” says fitness guru Horton of the partnership. “I truly believe that this joint venture can be a tipping point to improve America’s health.” According to Doddala, 7-Eleven sales of fresh products are up 30 percent over the past year and they sell seven times more bananas than Snickers bars. (Yogis driving cross-country to Wanderlust Festivals?)

The THK menu items, which have previously only been available through Horton’s website, include a grilled chicken whole grain sub with blueberry mustard, a curried chicken salad with pomegranate raita dressing, and a spicy black bean hummus and veggie wrap, all of which have an average 360 calorie count and cost $6.50 or less.

To wash that down are four cold-pressed, high-pressure pasteurized juices. They include a beet, ginger and parsley blend and a green juice with apple, lemon, lime, wheat grass and clover sprouts. They cost just $4.99 each.

“Programs like P90X are making it easier for folks to get fit,” says Horton. “These healthy THK options at 7-Eleven stores will fulfill the other crucial piece of the equation, which is healthy food and juices.”  Hopefully the program will prove a success and roll out to some of the country’s food desert 7-Eleven locations where it could really make a difference. —Rachel Marlowe

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