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A sample day of Melvin's Body Good Cleanse. (Photo: Melvin's Juice Box)
A sample day of Melvin’s Body Good Cleanse. (Photo: Melvin’s Juice Box)


Two of New York’s most of-the-moment juice brands—Danny Meyer’s Creative Juice and Melvin’s Juice Box— introduced juice cleanses this week.

Creative Juice’s cleanses ($55 per day) are all about culinary customization. They come in three levels—Starter, Signature, and Signature Plus—with two menu choices for each. So you can customize your liquid diet based on whether you prefer carrot and lemongrass over beet and fresh fennel, for example. You can also substitute the last juice of each day for a protein smoothie or seasonal quinoa salad, if you prefer.

Creative Juice
One of Creative Juice’s cleanse menus. (Photo: Creative Juice)

The cleanses are currently available in-store and the brand recently expanded its reach and now has 10 locations within Equinox gyms around the city. Online ordering and delivery will launch in early 2014.

Melvin’s has had a busy fall—first, a new Juice Box location in the Dream Downtown Hotel, and now the launch of the Body Good Juice Cleanse. It was designed by the brand’s juice icon-owner Melvin Major, Jr., in collaboration with nutritionist (and Nourish Kitchen + Table owner) Marissa Lippert. The Body Good can be ordered as a one-, three-, or five-day cleanse, and each day ($60) includes six juices and a nutrient booster shot, like ginger or chlorophyll.

The cleanses are debuting at the perfect time, because while drinking a bottle of greens daily seems to be more en vogue than subbing meals for liquid nutrition, there’s bound to be lots of people looking to reset their diets post-holiday feasting. —Lisa Elaine Held

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