Two really cool food-based detox programs

Taryn Toomey the class
(Photos: From top, Mikaela Reuben. Below, Taryn Toomey by Jamie Arnold)

Monday is the fall equinox—AKA the big-deal day to start a detox. And these two really cool “cleanse coaches” in New York want to help you make the most of it.

Expect to make and eat clean food, have plenty of stamina for workouts, and get some possibly life-changing intel. —Melisse Gelula

The Layer with Taryn Toomey
September 22–October 1

Taryn Toomey, the downtown fitness phenom (and Sweat Series star) is doing a “Fall Equinox re-set” with a 10-day program called The Layer.

As the name suggests, this food-and-lifestyle detox goes deep—starting in your fridge, using Ayurvedic principles “for shopping and cooking your own food—to eating on a real plate,” and moving into your emotional world, cravings, and ways of dealing. (Or not.)

“The first layer and first few days of detoxing we’ll address the feelings that come with addictions leaving the body,” Toomey explains. “Then we get into the emotional layers behind the cravings, and we spend the last few days in the healing and repairing stages, connecting to a clear space in one’s self.”

To shore up her food science and ethos, Toomey consulted with triple-board certified nutritionist Dana James, and has limited the number participants to 12. And the program includes daily meal plans with nutrient-packed recipes, created by culinary nutrition whiz, Mikaela Reuben, and, of course, is meant to be done alongside Toomey’s “sludge-eliminating” workouts.

“I’ll be sharing techniques and movement tools to help with the feelings and the physical responses to cleansing,” Toomey explains. A mid-week outing to the Russian Baths will help keep you inspired—and away from happy hour with coworkers.

All proceeds will go to Toomey’s cause of choice, benefiting orphans in Peru, a project of her late mentor Mama Kia. “It’s a blend of all things I love and believe in, like The Class,” says Toomey. “The Layer is so much more then just the body.”

Cost with a 5-pack of classes, $450, without classes: $325, or email to book

AlyssaRasul_Circuit of Change nutritionist
(Photos: Alyssa Rasul and Circuit of Change)

The Circuit of Change 7 Day Fall Detox
September 22–29 (or any 7-day period)

Alyssa Rasul, the wellness director of spiritually-infused workout Circuit of Change (and fiancé of its founder Brian Delmonico), is a fan of seasonal whole food detoxes, and so is her studio community. That’s because the process isn’t based on starvation, but on elimination—and support.

This one starts Monday, September 22—but you can do it anytime, since the materials arrive via your inbox and questions are fielded on a private Facebook page, explains Rasul, who adds that even healthy people find that the process makes a difference.

Many of the foods people eat, “even those they think are healthy, can be inflammatory or not right for you,” says the certified-health-coach. By the end of seven days, eating exclusively whole foods, “you’ll know exactly which foods work for your body and which inflame you,” she promises.

Inspiration for the program came from Rasul’s own struggles with “severe digestion issues that caused incredible pain and unhappiness and a lot of unsexy bloating.” After multiple doctor visits, allergy tests, and loads of research, she found that nothing worked better for her heath and happiness than a food detox program.

So for the detox, you’ll shred your takeout menus and put away the coffeemaker. She’ll guide you via daily emails and a meal planner to prepare and eat whole, plant-based meals, clean sources of protein, and lots of fresh leafy greens. They come in the form of juices and smoothies, warm breakfasts, salads and sides, snacks, and even dessert. (You’ll also use a food journal and many participants attend classes at Circuit of Change throughout where renewing your intentions to your practice is built right in.)

“In a short time, you can support your body naturally with whole foods to detoxify and have more energy,” she says. “I give you everything you need to take massive action using baby steps.”

$119, for more program information or to register, click here or visit

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