Vaute’s Fashion Week runway showcases vegan makeup

At Brooklyn-based Vaute Couture's Fashion Week show, chic, vegan apparel was not the only thing displayed on the runway.
VauteAt Brooklyn-based Vaute Couture’s Fashion Week show, chic, vegan apparel was not the only thing displayed on the runway.

Designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart chose the DeVita vegan beauty line and natural-leaning makeup artist Rebecca Casciano to make up the models. (Take that, MAC!)

“DeVita’s products were great for the runway because they have nice coverage and pigment as well,” Casciano says of the indie mineral-based line. “It shows that natural makeup doesn’t have to be sheer and boring.”

We got a sneak peek backstage at Casciano’s techniques and the products she used.

All Photos: Jon Porcasi/ADinfinitum


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“Leanne’s collection was inspired by Sailor Moon, so I wanted to add a little bit of the anime, magic feel. “I made the cheek really round and rosy to keep it really sweet and strong at the same time.”

Casciano used Absolutely Whipped cream foundation for coverage, then added Absolutely Blushed in Tender Blush.

“I then added a whimsical feel by putting a few pieces of confetti for sparkle.”




“The collection is really inspired by balancing the masculine and feminine, so I decided to do a clean eye with a full, bushy brow for a masculine touch,” Casciano explains.

She used a white frost eye shadow called Neon to highlight the inner corners of the eye, giving a bright, wide-eyed look, and filled in the brows with Bittersweet, a brown shadow, taking away the arch for a masculine look and brushing them up to make them bushy.

The final touch: Absolute Lengths black mascara on the top and bottom lashes.




The models’ lips were coated with Absolute Lips in Pink Diamonds. “It’s a soft pink with a little bit of a gold shimmer, which is nice because it’s close to color of lip naturally and just adds a little glow,” says Casciano.

She topped it off with a gloss, adding a drop in the center of the lip for shimmer.



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