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Gingersnap's Organics Go Liquid Juice Cleanse

Gingersnap’s Organics in the East Village is known for delish vegan, gluten-free, and raw food with a foodie’s touch—and now the year-old cafe is about to become a player on the juice cleanse scene.

The new Go Liquid Cleanse includes four high-quality Norwalk-pressed juices, one almond milk, and one soup (each 17 ounces). It joins the Original Go Cleanse that includes food and juice, and the Go Have a Life, a program that provides food and juice during the day and leaves you on your own for dinner.

Gingersnap's vegan foodie restaurant New York
Gingersnaps recently pulled its prepared food fridges; now everything is made to order. “Personalized food actually doesn’t take much longer, it just takes more organizing,” explains Graber.

“Our cleanses are generally based on food and learning better eating habits, like incorporating more veggies and raw food and staying away from processed foods,” explains founder Jamie Graber. “But we were expanding our offerings, making even more Norwalk-pressed juices (like the “Go Beet It” with beet, carrot, and ginger), and it segued into expanding our cleanse options,” she says.

What the new Go Liquid Cleanse isn’t? A weight loss program. “We’re not advocating not eating,” says Graber, who believes it can be appropriate to give your digestion a short break of three days tops.

“Where other brands might advocate ten days of liquid, we’re about ten days of food that’s good for you. Ten days of liquid is an eating disorder waiting to happen, and it’s not the way to teach you how to eat correctly,” she says.

For a similar reason, Graber’s Liquid Cleanse isn’t just juice: it includes protein-based almond milk, a nutrient-loaded soup, as well as some juices that have retained a bit of fiber.

Last month, Graber, a devotee of Flywheel, used the Flybarre Challenge as a pilot group of healthy, active women looking to recalibrate their eating habits—not give them up. “I wanted to make sure you can exercise on this cleanse,” she says. It’s about being healthy when you’re cleansing.” —Melisse Gelula

Gingersnap’s Organics, Go Liquid Cleanse starts at $60 a day; 130 E. 7th Street, East Village, [email protected],