When Chrissy Teigen went vegan…

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Photo: Instagram/@chrissyteigan

Just call her “Chrissy Vegan.”

That’s right, earlier this week, the comfort food-loving model took to Twitter to announce that she had officially gone vegan—for 12 hours at least.

It looks like the trend of celebs being refreshingly honest continues to grow. And, as with Kylie Jenner’s juice cleanse, Teigen’s struggles in switching to a plant-based diet are all-too relatable. (How do Gisele and Tom make it look so easy?)

The model-turned-cookbook author has never been one to hide her meat- and cheese-loving tastebuds, so we’re not sure when she warmed to the idea of becoming a vegan (she did proclaim it Ribeye Wednesday that very night). But it turns out that her 12-hour-long adoption of the diet may be a smart way for non-vegans to start out.

“Since going vegan means cutting out all animal products, it can require a fair amount of planning, especially if you want to get all the nutrients your body needs,” registered dietitian-nutritionist Karen Ansel tells Self magazine. “Instead, it might be easier to take a more laid-back approach of going meatless for a day—that way you don’t have to obsess about every little detail of your diet.”

The occasional vegan-eating plan may also help your psyche transition, since cutting out animal products can be a huge life change.

But, Ansel agrees that no matter how long you last, eating a plant-based diet can have major benefits—such a healthier heart and a lower risk of cancer—as long as you stay generally healthy overall: “Hopefully doing it for just 12 hours will encourage you to continue with incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet,” she says. “It could very well be the perfect stepping stone, or baby step, towards hopefully longer-lasting diet changes.”

So, what do you think—is Teigen’s 12-hour vegan diet in your future?

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