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Whole Foods is overcharging you (in case you didn’t know that already)

The organic grocer just paid out $800,000 in penalties for all those kale salads you may have shelled out too much for.
Whole Foods, organic food, organic grocer
(Photo: Whole Foods)

If you’ve suspected your by-the-pound salad from Whole Foods may be drawing way more from your paycheck that it should, here’s some vindicating news.

The organic grocer agreed to pay $800,000 in penalties after an investigation in California found the healthy grocer was overcharging customers, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“Inspectors found that Whole Foods was charging more than the advertised price for a wide variety of food items,” said the Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office, in a statement. That includes not deducting the weight of containers when weighing fresh food (which has only happened to us a trillion times).

Now, you have some real confirmation for feeling a little pissy when your total for a spoonful of tofu and kale comes out to $15. —Molly Gallagher