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Workout With Well+Good: Free IntenSati class July 15 for subscribers

IntenSati joins Well+Good for free reader workout
Natalia Petrzela leading IntenSati for 200-plus New Yorkers in Bryant Park this June

We are thrilled to announce our July Workout With Us event.

On July 15, we take our free workout series into the mind-body fitness studio for IntenSati, an incredibly popular class that’s typically only available to members of Equinox gyms. Subscribers of Well+Good attend this IntenSati class for free.

The rigorous fitness class combines cardio and martial arts moves with affirmations, which you chant during the workout. According to thousands of New York women (and a handful of men) who typically pack the challenging class, the combination transforms more than your body.

Natalia Petrzela, a IntenSati Premier Leader (meaning she’s a top IntenSati teacher), will lead the one-hour class. Natalia has more energy than a Cliff Bar, so be prepared to assume the stance of a cardio warrior, sweat like you’ve been in a sauna, and shout out positive affirmations while your leg and arm muscles are on fire.

When: Thursday, July 15 6:30–7:30 p.m. Non-Equinox members must check in at reception no later than 6:15.

Where: Equinox, 19th Street and Broadway, just north of Union Square

Cost: It’s free for Well+Good subscribers only. (To bring a friend, just have them Subscribe first.) Karmic penalty for no-shows!

Bonus: We’re giving away a great fitness-related gift from IntenSati and Lululemon after the workout. Equinox members can win, too. Just RSVP with us.

What to bring: Workout shoes. Optional bottle of water. If you want to use a locker, you must bring a lock.

RSVP: Even though we’ve got a giant studio reserved for IntenSati, class size is limited. So reserve now at [email protected]