Yoga gets its first flash mob at tomorrow’s Wanderlust in the City

breakdancing yoga Anya Porter

Tomorrow’s Wanderlust Yoga in the City at Pier 63 includes an interesting element: a yoga flash mob choreographed and led by Anya Porter, the New York City yoga instructor and creator of Breakti.

We caught up with Porter to get the inside scoop on the flash mob project—and learn the moves.

So what exactly is a yoga flash mob?
It’s a “spontaneous” choreographed event with yoga movement—and in this case, dance as well. I’m actually not calling these flash mobs for the record, just using that term to describe the quality of the event.

Where did the inspiration come from? Too much Glee, perhaps?
The idea sprouted somewhere in the ranks of the Wanderlust team. Jeff Krasno [Wanderlust’s founder] came to me with the concept and I’ve sort of taken it and run with it.

Is it overambitious to think that people can memorize the whole sequence before Tuesday, or am I just a totally hopeless yogi dancer?
We have dancers at the festival who know it well so people can follow along. It’s very repetitive and simple. Even if you don’t get it the first go round, it repeats so you can join in pretty easily. I have a feeling the momentum of the crowd will be contagious. But I also say daily prayers, since this is a huge experiment and I have no idea how it will turn out! Ha.

Simple but important question: Why?
I think anything that allows people to look at our physical relationship to rhythm in a new way is valuable. I also see this eventually becoming an outlet for social messages and important causes—like the inspiring work of the Interdependence Project and This is about getting people excited and interested in the universal language of rhythm and music, and social consciousness. There is a lot that we can do with that, and I think we have a whole lot more to say. —Lisa Elaine Held

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