Yogi Lauren Imparato’s Ultimate Thanksgiving Gratitude Playlist

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Photo: Lauren Imparato

We asked yogi, DJ, and sharp shooter Lauren Imparato, founder of I. AM. YOU. studio in New York City to mix us a playlist that channels all the facets of gratitude—the serious, the playful, the part that’s spending the holiday stressing at her family’s place. Here’s what you’ll find when you hit the play button…

Gratitude is so important, but it can be a pretty esoteric thing. I find a really easy, palpable way to embrace it (and yet one that’s so easy to forget) is to just give thanks for what you have been given.

Yep, it’s that simple: Give thanks for what you have been given.

Your muscles. Your organs. Your skin. Your mind. Your thoughts. Your health. Your job. Your freedom. Your friends. Your family. Your food. Your ability to hear music. Your ability to breathe. The roof over your head. The gadget in front of you. The whole life you have been given to live.

Even on a bad day, chances are you can give thanks for at least one of those things.

This playlist offers a chance to listen, step back, and reflect (and with everything from Elvis to hip-hop, it’s not too earnest or serious). Don’t get bogged down in what you don’t have. Instead, take a moment to give thanks for all you’ve been given! —Lauren Imparto, as told to Well+Good

Playlist: Lauren Imparato’s ‘Tude for Gratitude

1. Trying To Get To You (Live 1968 Comeback Special)–Elvis Presley

2. Feel The Love (Kill Paris Remix)–Rudimental

3. I Got U–Duke Dumont

4. Be Nice–Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs

5.  You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover–The Strypes

6. All About That Bass–Meghan Trainor

7. New York, New York–Ryan Adams

8. Let Me Love You (LeMarquis Remix)–Mario

9. The Start of Something–Voxtrot

10. Thank You (Remix of Jay-Z)–Shakka

11. Today–The Smashing Pumpkins

12. Thank God–Malcolm and Martin

13. Chinese Fountain–The Growlers

14. Today Was A Good Day–Ice Cube

15. Pen–Glenn Miller Orchestra

All on iTunes or get the abridged Spotify version here!

For more information, visit www.iamyoustudio.com

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